Saturday, January 25, 2014

It's cold

I know it's not THAT cold here.  But when I went Friday morning it was cold enough out that when the heat from my body went through my jacket and hit the air, frost formed.  I first noticed it on my gloves on the back of my hands.  I tried to have Lee get a picture of that but it melted too quickly.  Lee then noticed that the frost had formed on my jacket sleeves! Crazy!  (Disregard all the lint....)
Jan 24 2014 Frost

I went running last week when it was really cold, 4 degrees Fahrenheit. I mainly did it to see if I my body could handle running in that cold of weather.  I remember being outside in Minnesota during the winter and sometimes my lungs would feel uncomfortable.  This winter though I've been running when the temps were in the teens and low 20s.  And despite the coldness I felt fine.  I figured there wouldn't be much difference running in 16 degrees than 4 degrees.  I was right. When I was thinking about it I wondered why my lungs would sometimes feel uncomfortable in Minnesota and not here.  Then it dawned on me, it was probably -10 below or something like that in Minnsota!  I never really paid attention to winter temperatures then. 

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