Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve we headed to the church for games.  We played color tag for awhile, and that was really fun.  Then we played several rounds of dodge ball.
Dec 31 2013 games at church (2)

Dec 31 2013 games at church

Lois made us homemade mac-n-cheese, which we ate at the church.  We then drove to New Jersey to Halo Farms.  They are a local dairy.  You can also buy products right there at their dairy.
Dec 31 2013 Halo Farms

Dec 31 2013 Halo Farms (2)

Their chocolate milk is so delicious. It tastes like melted chocolate ice cream.  Their egg nog is very good too, along with their amazing ice cream! 
Dec 31 2013 Halo Farms (3)

Next stop, Rider University. Darrell completed his PhD in Marketing in 2012 and has been working here since.  We were standing at this directory board and Clark said: "So Darrell, what are you?  The janitor?"  It was so funny.  Hey there is nothing wrong with being a janitor.  But Darrell is not one.  Clark later commented to Lee about the bathrooms at the university and that the janitors had done a good job keeping them clean.
Dec 31 2013 Rider University

Dec 31 2013 Darrell's Office (2)

We saw his office too!
Dec 31 2013 Darrell's Office (3)

Quite a few of us fit in there!
Dec 31 2013 Darrell's office

Our last stop of the day was the Delaware River where the famous crossing of George Washington took place.
Dec 31 2013 (2)

Dec 31 2013 Delaware River

Dec 31 2013 Delaware River Clark

It was cold out!
Dec 31 2013 Delware River

Dec 31 2013

That night we had pizza for dinner, then some cheese balls, crackers, chocolate chip cookie bars and root beer for New Year's Eve treats.  Lee seriously is so good making chocolate chip cookies.  He is awesome at bars too! Most of the kids (mainly the girls) put on an elaborate skit that night.
Dec 31 2013 skit

The skit revolved around two channels, channel 6 and 3, if I remember correctly.  Channel 6 was news and when channel 3 came on it was a dancing, entertainment channel.
Dec 31 2013 skit (2)

Darrell and Stacie have a lot of fun dress up clothes.
Dec 31 2013 skit (3)

Dec 31 2013 skit (4)

Dec 31 2013 skit (5)

Dec 31 2013 skit (6)

Dec 31 2013 skit (7)

Mike also treated us to another magic show with a couple new tricks too.  His magic shows are so awesome! Thanks for doing it Mike!
Dec 31 2013 skit (9)

Dec 31 2013 skit (10)

We played our traditional game of Monopoly.  We started it quite late, about 11pm.  At midnight we rang in the new year watching the ball drop on TV.  No one went into New York this time around.  Lee and I stayed up till 3:30 playing monopoly.  We finally decided to quite with the expectation to finish it the next day.  We actually never did.  Ethan was declared the winner as it seemed he had the most money and property when we stopped the game.  Darrell also put on a movie for us to watch too.

New Year's morning Stacie took Lois, Lee and I to her gym for a workout.  Lois and Stacie went around and did different exercises and did Lee.  I did 5.45 miles on the treadmill.  That felt really good. My mom made her traditional Scotch Eggs for breakfast.  They were sooo good!  Thanks Mom!
Jan 1 2014 scotch eggs

After hanging out, eating yummy food and delicious fajitas Stacie made, along with doing a little cleaning we headed out.  We arrived home about 10pm or so.  Even though it was late, it was nice because we completely unloaded the van and unpacked everything.  Usually I am left with a big mess to deal with the next day that takes me at least two hours to clean up.  I loved getting it all done that night.

We hope you are all enjoying your new year!  Have a terrific 2014!

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andyandsteph said...

The skit sounds so funny! We were going to make scotch eggs for breakfast but ended up just doing eggs over-easy and sausage patties. Maybe next year we will do them. Wish we could've celebrated with you though! Dodge ball would've been awesome!