Thursday, January 23, 2014

Clark's Geography Bee

Clark was able to participate in his school's geography bee.  Apparently the 5th graders took a test and whoever did well on it was chosen to be in the bee.  In Clark's class he said he got the best grade...with 11 wrong. 

The day of the geography bee arrived.  He didn't want me to take his picture, but gave me a smile anyway. 
Jan 13 2014 Clark and Geography Bee

Each student could miss one question.  Once you missed your second question you were out.  Luckily Clark made it through the "easy" questions where two multiple choice answer options were provided.  This helped him in the harder round where several people went out. The harder round was about countries around the world.  No answer options were provided.  I was impressed with Clark's answer though about his question.  It was something to do about Anne Frank and I think where she was hiding.  He said Finland, but it was the Netherlands.  I thought Finland was a pretty good guess!  So that was his first question to get wrong.
Jan 13 2014 Clark and Geography Bee (2)

Jan 13 2014 Clark and Geography Bee (3)

Very quickly only two boys were left.  I was so surprised that Clark was one of them!  The last question was about states in the United States.  It was a question about some obscure river...okay, I've never heard the name of it before!  "The Kissimmee River flows into Lake Okeechobee in what state that borders the Gulf of Mexico?" Clark was browsing through a book one night just studying here and there and HAPPENED to see the name of the river. It is located in Florida. Wow. HE WON!  We were both a bit shocked!  When he did the spelling bee he wasn't the first person out, but I think he was the 4th or 5th person out.
Jan 13 2014 Clark and Geography Bee (5)

What is funny is that Clark told us and his teachers that he didn't even want to win, nor was he going to win anyway (I think he was nervous and probably did think he wasn't going to win!).  We told him to do his best and enjoy it. 
Jan 13 2014 Clark and Geography Bee (6)

Great job Clark!  What a fun day to remember.  (And what a weird picture of me!) He takes a test soon to determine if he can go on and participate in the state geography bee.  He is pretty excited about this.  Hopefully he can!
Jan 13 2014 Clark and Geography Bee (7)

Just to throw this in really quick, Haley was spotlight for Family Home Evening the same day as the geography bee.  "Spotlight" is a time that a person gets to show off a talent, tell a joke, display art, do a dance...whatever they want!  It's their moment to have the spotlight on them and do what they want.  Haley wasn't sure of what to do and we suggested reading a book to everyone.  It was pretty cute.  She loved doing it. It's been fun hearing Shanna and Haley get better at reading the scriptures and I know it helps them with reading at school too.
Jan 13 2014 Haley spotlight

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Cardiganwearer said...

That's awesome that Clark was in a geography bee. Not enough people know anything about geography. Spelling bees are for punks.