Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First of the Year

We arrived home Wednesday from our New Year's celebrations in Pennsylvania.  I am not sure why, but school started the next day.  Funny enough school was canceled Friday because of the weather.  They should have just started school on Monday.

Looks like a lot of snow, right?!  Just kidding.  My kids have been sledding on this type of snow coverage a lot. They are used to seeing some grass stick out.
Jan 3 2014 (2)

The first Saturday in January we headed into Harrisonburg for some shopping and a meet-your-new-primary-teacher lunch. We stopped at Kroger and there were a bunch of mini shopping carts.
Jan 4 2014

I did some shopping with my gift cards the first part of January.  It worked out really well to go shopping then as Old Navy had a big sale going on!  So far with the gift card Lee gave me I've bought three pairs of pj pants (one was for Lee), a dress, a black dress shirt, a cardigan, and two workout shirts.  And I still have $2 left! I have been looking for rugs in our front room for a little while now.  I finally bought a rug for the entry way.  Yet again with buying that small rug I continue to notice that I have a rough time with the accessorizing part! Elden made himself a cape one night.
Jan 8 214 Elden

Jan 8 2014 Elden

The library here does a craft time once a month and we headed over for that.  That made bird houses.  They even received bags of bird feed.
Jan 8 2014 library, bird feeders

Jan 8 2014 library, bird feeders (2)

One of our other first of the year adventures was a busted pipe for our radiant heat system.  We arrived home from school one day and the kids told me that water was running in the house.  I asked Shanna about and it seemed like the water was on the outside of the house.  Then Clark came and told me water was leaking.  I eventually ventured back to the laundry room. And it sure was leaking! Lee was able to come home but he could get the water to completely stop leaking.  He found where to shut off the water to just these particular pipes, but there was still a drip.  Lee bought some plumbers putty, or something like that, and put it around the hole.  There was still a slight drip, but not bad by any means.
Jan 9 2014 water leak

Lee cut out the busted part of the pipe.
Jan 22 2014 busted pipe

Then he installed a shark bite (the gold-ish piece below).  Lee said it was too easy and was somewhat surprised that it wasn't leaking.  We haven't switched the water back on in this room.  The heater doesn't really work in here anyway.  It's a sunroom--we call it our laundry room as our washer and dryer are in this room. And it being a sunroom it doesn't have the same heating and cooling the rest of the house does. Eventually I think we'll just remove the pipes all together.  Lee was really blessed to talk to the right guy at ACE the day he went into to buy stuff to fix the leak.  The guy had been a plumber by trade and told Lee exactly what to it.  ACE really is the helpful place! 
Jan 22 2014 shark bite on pipe

Thankfully our first big house problem wasn't too expensive, just annoying. 

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