Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Relief Society Ornament Exchange

Yesterday was the annual Relief Society white elephant ornament & cookie exchange at my church.  There was a good turnout with lots of yummy cookies! 

Shanna wanted me to take this picture of her yesterday.
Dec 13 2011 Elden and Shanna

The cookies at the activity!
Dec 13 2011 Relief Society Ornament Exchange

Dec 13 2011 Relief Society Ornament Exchange (2)

Some of the ladies
Dec 13 2011 Relief Society Ornament Exchange (3)

Dec 13 2011 Relief Society Ornament Exchange (4)

Dec 13 2011 Relief Society Ornament Exchange (5)

Dec 13 2011 Relief Society Ornament Exchange (6)

So this is a funny story.  At this white elephant exchange, gifts are passed around but not opened till the game is over.  The sister in the green holding the baby (see below) brought the snowman ornament and funny enough the lady next to her in the red sweatshirt ended up with it. Okay, hold on and see if you can read this without being thoroughly confused. The lady with the baby asked her husband which ornament from their tree to bring to the white elephant exchange.  The husband said to bring the snowman because it was ugly.  She brought it. At the end the ladies were looking at the ornament and what not, and another lady looked closer at the snowman.  This other lady had worked at a jeweler's before and said that the snowman's hat opened.  The lady with the baby has been married for two years and the said ornament was a wedding present.  Well, the lady with the baby had no idea that the snowman's top hat could open. And guess what she found when she opened it?! $10!  So funny!  Just think how many years that snowman might have gone with $10 in its cap.  We ladies all had a good laugh.  Then another lady said "I gave you that ornament for your wedding present!"  There was an initial shock, and then the lady said she was just joking.  It was pretty funny.  Good thing it was the husband that said the snowman ornament was ugly so the $10 treasure could be found!
Dec 13 2011 Relief Society Ornament Exchange (7)

After looking over the pictures I realized I didn't take any with me in them, but I am sure you will all survive!  Overall it was a fun, un-stressful evening. I mention it being un-stressful because I was the one in charge of it.  Oh, and I came home with a glass pickle ornament (actually there were three ornaments total in my box!)!  I am excited to read the accompanying story to my kids and then hang it on the tree. 

After the activity I went to a grocery store, then Old Navy.  I also talked with my friend Kathryn who is moving to the area next summer.  I am SO EXCITED!  She might only be here for a couple of years, but anything sounds amazing! She was my good friend and visiting teaching companion in Missouri.  And what a wonderful visiting teaching companion she was.  I can't wait!

Oh, and I think I wrote that we went to a town get-together--they lit up a big Christmas tree, had refreshments and Santa came?  Anyway, before the event started an opening prayer was given.  I love that between the town gathering and the PTA meetings they start off their events with a prayer to God.  So wonderful!

What have you all been up to this holiday season?  I hope it's been a great one thus far!


Dean and Elaine said...

Fun times and funny stories! Loved it!

Lois said...

Looks like a fun night!