Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Mice

A few days ago we made Christmas mice for our "preschool".  My sister Lena gave a great tutorial about them on our fivesistersfivefamilies blog.  Check it out: Christmas Mice. It's a simple, fun craft.

Dec 8 2011 Elden Shanna

Dec 6 2011 Haley

Dec 8 2011 Shanna

Dec 8 2011 Haley


That night Clark and Cal stayed up and made a bunch with me.  They gave them to their teachers at school and I gave some to the ladies in the office at the school.  For our recipients, we slipped each mouse into a Christmas card.  I had grander ideas of a "gift" for the ladies at the school, but this was up my ally of simple and inexpensive.

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Sarah and Todd said...

I LOVE your Christmas mice! How fun! I may have to try those- my kids would love it.