Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gingerbread Houses and stuff

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you are having a joyous season.  I can't believe Christmas is on SUNDAY and I am so excited! And actually mentioning joy, the past few Sundays (I guess all month) the theme for the talks in Sacrament meeting was "joy".  Very fitting.  I heard some wonderful talks. 

I have been enjoying a relaxed holiday season.  This will be the very first Christmas that it will be just Lee and I and the kids.  I have always been around LOTS of family during the holidays so the thought of Lee, the kids and I being the only ones together on Christmas seemed sad. That probably seems weird to many of you! My dad's birthday is Christmas Eve, the next day is obviously Christmas, my oldest brother Darrell's birthday is the 29th, mine is the 30th and then we always have a BIG party on the 31st.  So between the 24th and the 31st there are lots of celebrations (five actually), visiting, games, and yummy food.  It's a great time of year for many of us, if not all, to be together. I mean, who wouldn't want to be together for three birthday and two holidays?! But, I am at the point this year that I am looking forward to our little family being together on Christmas.  I am excited about going to church that afternoon too.  (In our church we go to church on Christmas only if it falls on a Sunday.)  But we aren't cutting the strings completely....we are getting together with my sister and her family for New Year's Eve and hopefully my birthday (hint hint).

We've been enjoying some Christmas traditions too. I wrapped several Christmas/winter books and stories and each night (well, we've done it a few times) a kid picks out a story to un-wrap, then I read. We recently finished our yearly tradition of listening to A Christmas Carol.  I think I want to read it next year instead of just listening to it. We will soon watch two versions: A Muppet Christmas Carol, and A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart--personally my favorite version.  I hope to squeeze in some more Christmas movies, like It's a Wonderful Life.

Another tradition is making gingerbread houses. I grew up making gingerbread houses and I've enjoyed sharing this with my kids. What are some of your traditions? Last night we invited our friends the Dollers over for potato soup, homemade rolls and gingerbread-house-making!  We had a great time and they brought some awesome candy. Thanks for coming!
Dec 19 2011 Lee Doller

Dec 19 2011 Karl & Harrison

Elden enjoyed eating the candy!  He decorated his house and then soon thereafter took the candy off and ate it.
Dec 19 2011 Elden

Dec 19 2011 Cal

Dec 19 2011 Anne & Clark

Dec 19 2011 Karl and Harrison Doller

These guys had a great time together.  Clark is the life of the party!
Dec 19 2011 Anne Clark Lee

Dec 19 2011 Haley

Dec 19 2011 Elden (2)

Lee made a fun house to give to Dr. Downey.
Dec 19 2011 Lee

Dec 19 2011 Shanna

Dec 19 2011 Cal (2)

Here are the creations!
Dec 19 2011 Lee Doller (2)

Dec 19 2011 Harrison

Dec 19 2011 Haley (2)

Dec 19 2011 Clark

Dec 19 2011 Cal (3)

Dec 19 2011 Anne Doller

Dec 19 2011 Shanna (2)

Dec 19 2011 Elden (3)

Dec 19 2011 Lee and Ruth(2)

Dec 19 2011 Sunny Doller

My dad has Parkinson's and tomorrow is his surgery to get his battery replaced (I can't remember exactly, but the battery sends out electrical impulses to the brain which somehow stop the tremors. And yes he had to get wired from the battery pack located by one the upper area of one of his shoulders all the way up to some rods placed in the brain area...correct me if I am wrong Mom or Dad).  It is a simple surgery (the battery re-placement one), and I hope it stays that way.  It is exciting though the amazing technology available in the medical field.  My dad had deep brain stimulation surgery over a year ago at the Mayo Clinic, and it's been a success.  Going from many tremors to basically none is incredible. 

Elkton Eyecare seems to be doing well this month.  We've heard December is really slow, so we were pretty nervous.  But of course the blessings keep coming in.  Just yesterday Lee had a surprise patient, which is always great!

We've enjoyed having a break from school.  It will be sad when school starts up again!  The kids have enjoyed playing, watching movies, going to the library, eating popsicles, and waking up early to watch cartoons.  The weather is still pretty mild and I'm hoping to go to the park tomorrow if it's not raining--it's supposed to be 61! Though I do hope there will be snow on Christmas!!!

Enjoy your last preparations for Christmas.  Lee and I still have gifts to wrap and a few people to see.  Thus far it has been a fun and joyous holiday. 


Lois said...

The houses turned out cute! And don't worry - OF COURSE we will be there on your birthday! :D

Dean and Elaine said...

The gingerbread houses bring back a lot of memories. . . we did these with our kids every year. Such fun!

Lois said...

Yes, the deep-brain stimulation surgery is a modern miracle. The control unit holding the battery is located under the skin just under the collar bone. Two rods are inserted into the brain (one for each side) and wires are threaded under the skin across his head and down behind his ear to the control unit. The surgery was actually done 3 years ago. Replacing the battery was just same-day surgery. We were back on the road to home by 3 p.m.