Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve and a little catch-up

The stockings are filled, the presents are under the tree, pies are made, and I should go to bed!  We had a fun Christmas Eve today...well, I guess now yesterday.  I thought I would slip in a quick post before all the fun things that will happen in a few hours. Before I get to Christmas Eve I have a few photos from Christmas break thus far.

One afternoon I noticed that quite a few of the kids' toothbrushes were gone.  For some reason I looked up and guess what I found?!
Dec 21 2011

One afternoon we pulled out some paper and paints.  I need to do this more often with the kids.  They love it!
Dec 21 2011 Clark Cal

Dec 21 2011 Cal

Dec 21 2011 Cal and Shanna

Dec 21 2011 Haley

I don't mind adding new traditions and I think we did just that this year.  The eve of Christmas Eve the kids got to sleep "under" the Christmas Tree.  We all were going to watch It's a Wonderful Life together, but between waking up at an insane hour (I think Haley woke up at 5:30!) and having a fun evening at a wedding open house I think they were wiped out...okay, not Shanna and Elden.  We even let Elden go to sleep on the floor.  But when he woke up towards the end of the movie, we eventually put him in his crib.  I love that he is still in a crib!
Dec 23 2011 sleeping under the tree

That brings us to Christmas Eve!  We had a busy morning prepping for today.  The kids did their jobs and I worked on cooking, baking and laundry.  Shanna and Haley came in too every now and then to assist.  I love that they like being in the kitchen with me.
Dec 24 2011 Haley and Shanna

Dec 24 2011 Haley and Shanna (2)

This afternoon we went to our friend's house for a Christmas Eve party/get-together.  It was really fun being with other ward members and enjoying yummy food!
Dec 24 2011 The Walker's get-together

Dec 24 2011 Elden at Walkers

Dec 24 2011 Elden at Walkers (2)

After the "party" we went caroling to an assisted living/nursing home (sorry if the lingo is wrong!).  We joined the sister missionaries and two other families in our ward.  I really wanted to go caroling this year, but not by ourselves.  Lee and I would basically be the only ones singing if that happened.  We enjoyed going with the Lykins and other ward members the past couple of years that I wanted to carol again this year.  I really enjoyed it! 
Dec 24 2011 Singing at nursing home

Dec 24 2011 Singing at nursing home with Jeppsons, Copelands, Dollers, and sister Missionaries

Dec 24 2011 Singing at nursing home (4)

Dec 24 2011 Singing at nursing home Haley Ruth Lee Shanna

Arriving home brought baths, snacks and the Nativity story.  We do this every Christmas eve.  Growing up I always looked forward to this.  It was especially fun raiding my mom's stuff and using her fun jewelry boxes to hold the gold, frankincense, or myrrh, along with the jewelry for that matter. We read from The Book of Mormon and then Luke 2.  In between reading Lee and I and occasionally the kids would sing hymns and primary songs that went along with the storyline.

Clark was Samuel the Lamanite prophesying about Christ's birth in the America's.
Dec 24 2011 The Nativity Clark

Haley was the angel that appeared to Mary.
Dec 24 2011 The Nativity Haley the angel

Mary and Joseph
Dec 24 2011 The Nativity Shanna and Elden

Cal the Sheppard with his small flock
Dec 24 2011 The Nativity Cal with sheep

Mary and the baby.  Haley was still a "sheep" and right after I took this picture she told me that it was really hard to stay a sheep.  It was pretty funny that she kept playing that part long after Cal took off.
Dec 24 2011 The Nativity Mary and baby

Someone, we assume Shanna, put this bear in the tree. A cozy place for a toy to be on Christmas Eve.
Dec 24 2011

We finished up with stockings, putting presents out and getting things ready for tomorrow.  And funny enough (well, I am sure some of you aren't surprised!) it didn't take very long.  What I have been waiting on this evening are pies.  I have two mini pie tins, but I wanted to make each child an individual pumpkin pie for Christmas morning.  I did it last year for my kids and Daniel's kids as they were visiting us for Christmas in 2010. I am definitely buying three more mini pie tins this coming year! I am excited for the magic that awaits...only a few more hours.  Better hit the sack.  Merry Christmas everyone!  Don't let the frogs whistle!


Lois said...

Merry Christmas, Ruth, Lee, Clark, Cal, Shanna, Haley and Elden. Wish I could stop over for Christmas morning! Have a fun Christmas. I love you!

Grandma B.

Jenny said...

We wish you were here for caroling! I'm glad you found people to go with.