Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful day.  We had a great day here and I enjoyed the combined meeting for church this morning.

I posted a Christmas letter for your enjoyment if you this desire.

Like many of you, we have many little traditions during Christmas-time.  One of them being eating pumpkin pie before seeing what Santa brought.  I made individual pumpkin pies last year, and did it again this year.  I now want to buy 5 more mini pie tins before next Christmas!  Having only two makes for a late night waiting on pies to bake. We had some egg-nog too.  Yum!
Dec 25 2011 (3)

Oh and Clark woke up at a good time for a kid, 5:30.  I told him to go back to sleep and of course he said he couldn't because he was too excited. Thankfully he DID fall back to sleep and we starting waking up around 6:45. 
Dec 25 2011

Next the kids go in one by one, oldest to youngest or youngest to oldest.  I have no idea what we did last year, (every year growing up there was always a passionate discussion about what happened the year prior) and we just let Elden go in first.  The first thing he saw--candy!  He's been asking about candy and telling me about Clark's candy for days now.  I kept telling him to wait till Christmas.  Well, the little guy was happy.  He walked around eating a lot of candy today. 
Dec 25 2011 (4)

Kids looking at stockings....
Dec 25 2011 (5)

Dec 25 2011 (6)

Dec 25 2011 (7)

Dec 25 2011 (8)

Dec 25 2011 (9)

Dec 25 2011 (12)

Dec 25 2011 (13)

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Dec 25 2011 (18)

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Dec 25 2011 (22)

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Dec 25 2011 (26)

Every year the stockings get stuffed with a mini box of cereal, a can of olives, candy and an orange. The olive thing started a few years ago.  It somehow evolved from giving them to Clark just for fun, to a mandatory stocking stuffer!
Dec 25 2011 (27)

I love this picture of Lee.  I think it sums up how many of us parents feel Christmas morning with our little ones!
Dec 25 2011 (30)

I love the let's-all-huddle-around-to-see-what-she-got.
Dec 25 2011 (31)

Dec 25 2011 (32)

Shanna looks pained here as if the wrapping paper was burning her fingers.  But I assure you she was her sweet, happy self.
Dec 25 2011 (33)

Dec 25 2011 (34)

Elden looks pretty concerned too.  I think he was wondering why a silly box was in the way of his hands and a new toy.
Dec 25 2011 (35)

Dec 25 2011 (36)

Dec 25 2011 (37)

Getting ready for our annual Santa Hat picture.
Dec 25 2011 (41)

Dec 25 2011 (42)

Whew, we did it!
Dec 25 2011 (44)

The girls!
Dec 25 2011 (45)

Okay, you pick which one you like the best.  We were almost ready to walk out the door to attend church...just needed a couple of pictures first.  I wanted to be early to church so I could sit in the chapel this morning and not the overflow. (And we did get a pew!)
Dec 25 2011 (46)

Dec 25 2011 (47)

Dec 25 2011 (48)

The choir sounded nice today and it was amazing when the entire congregation sang!  It sounded wonderful! Lee joined in singing with them.  It was nice having Christmas on Sunday. The kids did pretty well without Lee sitting with me (why does Elden not like me during sacrament meeting?!) and Leah came and sat by me when Lee was up in the choir.  We had a lovely meeting and it was fun wishing people a Merry Christmas.

After church we hung out and I made some food for dinner.  A family in the ward invited us to have Christmas dinner with them.  We had a great evening with lots of yummy food.  I shouldn't have snacked so much this afternoon!

Cal prepping a kit Clark got him.  Crystals as supposed to form onto two granite stones.  We'll see what happens!  It seems to being "growing" slow.  
Dec 25 2011 (49)

Dec 25 2011 (50)

Merry Christmas!  Today one of my girls asked when Christmas would come around again.  Have a great time brining in the New Year.  We are so thankful for our Savior and this time to celebrate his birth.


Sonia B said...

I love your "olive" tradition. One year, my mom gave us all a bottle of pickles and we still talk about it . . . "you remember that". Looks like a fun day.

Nostrebor said...

Thanks for updating the blog! I LOVE YOU!!

Cardiganwearer said...

Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas. That's funny about Elden and the candy.

Sarah and Todd said...

I also love your olive tradition! My kids love those too, we should try that. Looks like a fun and beautiful Christmas!

Liz said...

I love all the matching outfits. Merry Christmas Ruth! :)

Risa Stumm said...

I loved hearing about your Christmas! ... and your adorable matching PJ's, to boot!!

Lois said...

What a fun post!! Merry Christmas!!! :D