Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Traveling Robertson Style

Traveling is something Lee and I like to do. We actually enjoy long road trips; even with five kids! Each trip has its spurts of crying and whining, but we still love it. Something we've done a couple of times--and I think I'll do it more in the future--is sending the kids to bed with comfortable clothes that double as pj's.

This is what I picked out for the girls the night before our Easter trip. Shanna seems to enjoy pictures when she's all dressed up.

March 31 2010 Shanna Haley

I've found a trick for somewhat cutting down the fast food bill--when we do make the rare trip to a fast food joint. I'll order a few things of chicken nuggets, a big thing of fries, and free waters for the kids. Then at the window I ask for 4 small bags. I divvy up the food so each kid gets their own bag. Plus they love getting their own cup with a straw, even if it is just water. I guess the only problem is that Clark wants more food. The other kids have never said anything. But our favorite thing to do for an on-the-road meal is to find a Little Caesar's and get a large pizza and two bags of bread sticks. Six full tummies for $10! (Elden isn't into a lot of pizza yet.)

Any other travel ideas?


Photo Crazy! said...

I don't order kids meals anymore either. I think the younger kids get more food off the dollar menu...but my older boys now eat more than I do! What do you do about that??! I like the pizza idea! Everyone likes pizza at our house! My family LOVES Subway. With the 5 dollar footlongs we eat healthy and for not too much money. Do your kids like Subway? We also found that Taco Bell is not too bad if you get soft tacos and water. We have also just gone to the grocery store and picked out fruit and lunchables for the little kids and deli stuff for the older. They seem to like it and it doesn't take much longer then a drive through window. Plus you can use the restroom, buy water bottles, and move your legs!
It looks like you had a wonderful Easter! So glad you got to see you big Sis!

Lois said...

Love the travel ideas! And Shanna's "glamor" shots! :)

TheAlbrechtSquad said...

We let the boys pick out lots of fruits and veggies for our trips (luckily my kids love fruits and veggies). I find that when we put them in a cooler with lots of ice they stay nice and cool which my boys love!

We also make sandwiches and maybe buy special chips. We rarely stop to eat, mostly we pack our own easy to fix food and then have a picnic at a rest stop or park along the way. We pack lots of water and buy the flavor packs for water.

I have big boys so I try hard to pack food that will be filling and I find that packing fruits, veggies and sandwiches is more filling to them than anything we get in a drive thru and they are less cranky because they don't crash from carbs overload.