Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nephew Nathan Visits

Our nephew visited us a couple of weeks ago in good ol' Missouri. After about a 1600 mile or so trip he arrived on a Thursday evening. We were very flattered that he would come and see us!

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Nathan. He and Lee went to the driving range, they and the boys visited a museum, we all visited the USO, and one night we had a fire. It was a relaxing weekend for Lee and I. Hopefully it was somewhat for spite of the crying spurts, runny noses, and the normal organized chaos that is ever present in our home.

April 9 2010 Lee and Nathan
April 9 2010 Ruth & Elden
April 9 2010 Haley
April 9 2010 Clark 2
April 9 2010 Clark

Thought I'd throw in a picture of Cal the Sunday Nathan was here
April 11 2010 Cal

The kids loved the train yard Nathan built for them
April 11 2010 Clark

And conned him into playing tag
April 11 2010 tag
April 11 2010 tag again
April 11 2010 Elden
April 11 2010 Elden again

He also gave our kids this book, which the boys really enjoy.

When Clark saw Nathan drive away he exclaimed in a disappointed voice: "Oh man!" Thanks Nathan for the great visit! We loved having you here.

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