Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom, I hope you have a special day. All 10 of us children have been incredibly blessed because of you. We were blessed to have a mom that is a gospel scholar. With you serving a mission in Mexico, teaching 20+ years of Seminary, and just plain daily gospel study, I knew I could always turn to you with gospel questions--and get an answer.

You've had many successes in your life. One being your book, The White Dove.

Most importantly you've raised an amazing family (I am biased, but if we were from Texas telling the truth isn't bragging.) All of your five sons have served as faithful missionaries--the last one currently in Italy. With you receiving your Bachelors and then supporting Dad through a Masters and a PhD program, you set the example for us, your five daughters, to support each of our husbands either through a Masters or PhD program, Doctorate program, or law school.

July 7 2007 Darrell & Lois Bartholomew & Children, Darrell, Sheldon, Sam, Daniel, Lena, Lois, Lois, Roger, Steph, Ruth, Darrell & Deborah



Lois said...

Thank you, Ruth for such a nice tribute and post. You kids are what make life worth it.

I love you!


Photo Crazy! said...

I agree! She is AMAZING!!!