Sunday, April 11, 2010

Plant a garden; learn first aid; And don't forget some money!

Last year when I was in the hospital, and my mom and dad were here helping with Cal, I got a great idea: ask my dad to plant a garden for us! Since we are renting we can't till out a garden spot, but we have flower beds on the front and both sides of the house. I grew up having to help in the HUGE garden every year and wanted to continue that tradition with my kids. Lee didn't really grow up with a garden, but was willing to try it out. I think he's hooked for life. We enjoyed seeing the plants grow last summer. Better yet, we loved eating the fresh tomatoes--all the way into October--and enjoyed the summer squash and zucchini. It was great having our own pumpkins too come Halloween. Thanks dad!

A few weeks ago we bought some seeds and tomato plants. Lee couldn't wait and started that afternoon planting, finishing up early evening. I am glad Lee is excited about the whole gardening bit. I wanted him to head it up...especially when we have a bigger one and the kids will have weeding/harvesting jobs during the summer.

April 8 2010 Shanna Clark
April 8 2010 Clark & Lee
April 8 2010 Le and kids
April 8 2010 Lee again

Cal said: Mom look. This is how I work!
April 8 2010 Cal
April 8 2010 Tomatoes
April 8 2010 Shanna Haley

Along with being self-sufficient, we went through our 72-hour kits on Monday. It had been a year since we'd gone through them (about a week before my hospital vacation), so they needed updating. The girls are no longer in diapers, they kids needed bigger clothes, and we've added Elden. It was very fun and the kids enjoyed the food that we are rotating out. I have a few more things I need to buy for them and they'll be all done. I have been trying to do some food storage every month and I realized that I really should have our 72 hour kits taken care of first. I'll continue food storage again next month.

Here is a great link on emergency kits, click here.

This is was our opening song for Family Home Evening:

Be Prepared (Sing to Tune of Yankee Doodle)

Verse 1:
Our prophet's told us to prepare
For famine and disaster.
If we obey, our family will
Live happy ever after.

"Be prepared," our prophet said.
Store your wheat and honey.
Plant a garden; learn first aid;
And don't forget some money!

Verse 2:
When Father Noah built an ark,
The people laughed and shouted.
But when the rain began to pour,
Those people never doubted.

Chorus: Repeat

Verse 3:
We have been warned in latter days
There will be floods and earthquakes.
So put your house in order and
Prepare before the dam breaks!

Chorus: Repeat

Verse 4:
Please do not procrastinate.
Excuses have no muscle.
You'll never find a better time
Than NOW! So better hustle.
Chorus: Repeat

From: Family Home Evening Resource Book, Family Activities, Emergency Supplies, 322

It will be a nice feeling to have the emergency kits completely done. Now we'll just have to set up a test run of grabbing everything and getting out the door!

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