Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Obsessed

Yes America, I do have a slight obsession: cleaning my van. Maybe it's not that odd of an obsession, but Lee will confirm that it's true. (So will my neighbor.) Ever since we got our "new" 2003 van, it's been even more fun to clean! I was disappointed when I saw the van for the first time because I expected a detailed, spotless van. Oh well. A little elbow grease on my part, and Lee lovingly being with the kids for 1 1/2 hours on his part, did the trick!

When we were in school, and even after school, having a nice, clean interior made me feel "rich" somehow. (Rich might not necessarily be the right word.) A 1997 minivan is nothing to boast about, but somehow getting into it when clean was like getting into a warm, freshly-made bed.

Now with five kids and lots of road trips, there isn't a way to prevent eating in our van. Hey, even Lee and I like to eat in our vehicles. We definitely don't allow certain foods inside (like Cheetos). But we do allow eating--it's worth it to have happy kids even if it means pulling out the carpet cleaner. One of the best things we ever bought was an extension cord so I can vacuum our van when I like. And who am I joking...it's also so I don't have to pay $0.75x2 every time either!

Right before I took this picture I was cleaning the van (shocking, I know) and thinking about how nice it looked and how much I like my "new" van. Well, Shanna got in the van and left mud marks just AFTER I had finished. Thanks for the reality check Shanna!

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Lois said...

I am grateful for your obsession - because without it - I wouldn't have an awesome car vac! :D