Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today I had my "six-week" appointment (though it's only been five weeks since my c-section). Dr Floyd is a wonderful doctor. He was very concerned about me and my family and how everything is going; he asked about the kids and the baby. Then he basically asked me: "How are you doing?" then, "How are you REALLY doing?" He wanted to make sure that I was okay because of all of the crazy things that happened during my c-section and the fact that Elden will be our last child.

I mentioned before that it seemed that my pregnancy and c-section had a bit of fame among the residents and the doctors. Dr. Floyd confirmed that. He said for a couple of weeks it was a main topic of discussion. Having scar adhesions from my previous pregnancy and of course placenta previa and increta, I can imagine that my rare pregnancy complications would be something that doctors and residents would be curious to see first hand--and outside of a textbook. I am just glad that nothing rare or weird has happened to Elden!

I also got the go-ahead to exercise and I am looking forward to that. I want to wear my old clothes!!! (I have 25 pounds to loose...) When I was leaving he gave me a hug. He's like a surrogate grandpa (kind of). Especially since I saw him every morning M-F for 4 weeks (he was out of town one of the weeks I was on bedrest) it was good to see him again today. Also, there is a doctor here that looks SO much like Dr. Floyd! He and Dr. Floyd look more like twins than my girls do!

By the way, Elden had another head ultrasound this morning and I will find out the results tomorrow. He is doing well and drank all of the milk from his bottle this morning at 2:30am. Today he drank about 15 milliliters for me, which is still pretty good. He is up to 30 milliliters now.


Patty and Kevin said...

We'll be praying that all goes well with Elden's head ultrasound! He sounds like a great eater. It's a lot of work for those little ones to eat from a bottle. Have a great day!

Shannon @ Lifelong Impressions said...

I didn't catch you had surgical complications before. You had mentioned they may need to take part of the uterus prior to the delivery. Did they take part of it or a hysterectomy? I'm sorry, because I thought you mentioned before you wanted more after Elden.
Great weight at 3 9! You guys are in my prayers.