Thursday, April 9, 2009

I saw this on Ashley's blog and had to put it on mine too. Thanks Ashley! You always seem to be in the know of good things!

Free Diaper Sample

I too want to thank you Kimberly-Clark! It's just for three diapers, I think, but hey, something to throw in your car in case of an emergency!


Melissa S. said...

That's funny because today I've already sent in for two of those! You're right though, any number of diaper helps and you don't pay shipping! :)

Ashley said...

Hi Ruth! FYI, I follow the blog Baby Cheapskate and view lot of deals and steals from there!

Ashley said...

To sign up for National Board of Examiners:

You can't know anyone from the current graduating class. (It's a great way to earn extra money in one weekend!).

Also, check in to Epocrates (pharmaticutal program). They ask for doctors to complete surveys on a regular basis--and some are paid surveys!