Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yesterday Elden had his first eye exam. He did not like it. That is the most I have heard him cry! And I have only heard him cry I think two other times for about 30 seconds. An MD and an ophthalmologist did the exam. Too bad Lee was here or he could have done it himself! I was really pleased with what they said: Elden's eyes are two weeks ahead of schedule! The staff here will refer to Elden's age as if he wasn't born yet, because he still has to develop and reach milestones like babies that are still growing in their momma's bellies. If Elden wasn't born yet, he would be 32 weeks along. So, his eyes looked like those of a 34 week-er. You make your dad proud Elden! (And uncles and grandpa and great-grandpa.)

He is now up to 27 milliliters at each feeding. He gets fed 8 times during a 24 hours. 30 milliliters or cc's is an ounce. He is still eating out of the bottle just once a day. He doesn't take the whole bottle either. But he is only "32" weeks, so it just practice for him right now. The almost-1-ounce feeding may not seem like a lot, but when you see the syringe with 27 milliliters laying next to him, it looks like a lot. He is still very small.


Lisa and company said...

Glad Elden continues to do well.
We started an RS group called the FruGals (working on being Frugal). One of the things we have been talking about what each family spends on groceries. I started asking people because we were spending 800-1000 dollars a month on groceries and eating out. I am trying to cut that back to six hundred. I actually spend more when I buy lots of "real" foods and make things from scratch. I would love to see your monthly or weekly menu.

Kelly said...

Good for Elden! I still can't believe you were due after me and had him a couple of months before me!

MissouriMormonMama said...

I'm so glad Elden is progressing well! Yeah for good eyes! And yeah for the super feeding progression! You'll be nursing that little guy before you know it. ( : Thanks for keeping us in the loop, and our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you. Happy Easter!