Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good Tuesday Everyone!

We had a good week last week. We are SO excited to see Lee next week! YEAH! He is almost done in Texas. We are preparing to move. Right now I am acquiring stuff that we will need, like a washer and dryer. I bought a used pair last night. Our neighbor, Charles Antley and my dad came with me. President Antley was kind enough to drive us in his truck. I got a good deal on them...well, I think I did and I guess I'll find out when Lee hooks them up in Missouri! I also got two twin beds for Clark and Cal. Each bed has three drawers underneath them.

Haley with Uncle Sheldon's hat. My kids have sure enjoyed having Uncle Sheldon around. He is so sweet with them.

Saturday we went to Wrightsville Beach. We brought Anthon along and had a nice time. It would've been better for everyone if Lee could have come, but I am glad we went. I love the ocean!

Grandma and the girls cuddling that night after the beach. It was a LONG day!

Haley and Shanna sure look beat. Clark looks ready to go!

If any of you live in an area where there is a Zaxby's (a fast-food place similar to Chick-Fil-A) you should sign up for their kids' club. Right before school started they sent all four of my kids certificates to get free kids meals. We used them on Saturday after we went to the beach. Thanks Zaxby's! They have good chicken too!

Girl stuff: It's been cute hearing Haley say "hello" and imitate a dog barking. Shanna tends to fall alseep while eating if I feed them lunch too late. Yesterday and today Shanna was falling asleep and Haley was being so sweet and patting her head and leaned over and gave her a kiss. And for Shanna, the other day I gave her a mini box of raisins. When she was all done, she walked over to where the garbage is kept, opened the cupboard door, and threw away her box! I tested her out again the other night and had her throw something away. I told her to throw it away in the garbage and I spied on her as she walked over to the correct place and threw it away. Nice...ahhh, isn't parenting easy?!

A Dave Ramsey Thought (I know you've been dying to hear more!)

I have been driving Clark to and from school. He could ride the bus, but with him being my first kid going to school and since we're here for such a short time, I just take him. With taking him to school, I of course see other moms driving their cool minivans, or nice SUVs. In the afternoons when I pick him up I get to listen to Dave Ramsey, and I love his radio show! A few days ago, a lady called in saying she was expecting child #3, and that they would have to get a van because three car seats wouldn't fit in her car. She presented the idea of selling either her or her husband's car--which they both owned-- and put that money towards a new van. Of course Dave asked how much her cars were worth (one was about $7,000) and how much debt they had. They had over $50,000 in debt. Dave of course said to sell the one car and get a $7,000 mini-van. Yes, I admit it: I was disappointed that she couldn't get the new van. (She of course can get what she wants, but if she were a smart, money savvy, responsible adult, she would get a $7,000 van that was paid for instead of a $30,000 van!) I can imagine the excitement of expecting another child, and the fun of getting a new vehicle to accommodate everyone. Plus with Lee done with school and seeing other people with expensive vehicles, it would be fun to join in (and not feel like a poor student anymore!) Really though, it's SO SO SO nice having a van that is OURS and we hope we can drive it for at least 5 more years! Plus, our van is famous. Money can't buy a Lee-being-held-up-by-gun-point-while-three-thugs-steal-your-vehicle-and-you-get-it-back-in-24-hours Mercury minivan!!! Come visit us when our last kid goes to college. We have some fun plans for vehicles then.

Since listening to Dave Ramsey, I have been curious about people and their vehicles and if they own them or are paying on them. Normally I didn't give it a second thought as to whether someone owns their vehicle, or is making payments on it. Indulge me with my little survey on the sidebar. It is anonymous of course.


robbienmeri said...

Ruth, you'll enjoy her throwing garbage away, until she starts throwing her toys in the garbage. That is a problem I am facing on a daily basis with my 18 month old. I am just so afraid of not catching him sometime and the toy will go out to the dumpster and we won't know until is is too late. Your kids are adorable! Good luck with the upcoming move!

maren bosley said...

Hey Ruth!
I tagged you--go to my blog for more details.

by the way, I love Dave Ramsey! He's so motivating!

Ashley said...

Great Dave Ramsey thought! I know it's hard to keep "living like a student"...just remember what Dave says: "Live like no one else so later you can live like no one else." With your paying of debt and living frugally, you are set to be millionaires!

Here's a fun money blog I've found: www.getrichslowly.org

Kelly said...

I love Wrightsville beach! I wish we could have been there. We love the beach and ocean as well!

SeƱora H-B said...

This is one of Lee's high school friends. I've been reading for awhile and finally have to delurk to say that you guys are totally inspiring! I was so awful with finances before I got married, but as I've been reading your blog I've really started to realize that it's so much better to be financially secure than to have stuff. My husband and I are working to pay off debts and not take on anymore. Keep on writing!!