Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Did anyone do any labors? It was a fairly good day, aside from seeing Lee off at the airport and missing him.

We went to the Durant Nature Park for the afternoon. It's just a couple of miles from Daniel and Amy's. There are no admission fees and it's a great park. We had lunch, talked, went to the playground, and went fishing.

Lizzy, Shanna, Ila, Haley, Clark, Cal, Anthon, Rachel

The fishing wasn't very successful. Lizzy caught a turtle. After she caught the turtle (which was thrown into the lake after Daniel performed hook removal surgery) we had to keep reeling our lines in because the turtles were trying to eat the worms.

Shanna liked this little chair

Rachel and Cal have been having a lot of fun together lately. (Thanks Haley for hanging out in the stroller for awhile!)

What do you think?

Daniel having an angelic glow

Clark fishing

The best for last! If you are still reading, you'll get the full scoop. As we were loading up to go home, the kids were playing on some big rocks. After a little while I heard some screaming. I probably figured someone was bugging someone else. On arrival to the scene, I saw bees/wasps on my boys!!! I flipped out. I yelled to my kids to get further away from the rocks and I viciously started swatting those bugs. I tore off their clothes and kept swatting. We were very blessed as Clark and Anthon were stung only 3 times, and Cal only once. I thought they would have a lot more stings because those wasps were on their heads and started getting into their clothes. Ahhh.....the wish to have a husband two feet away from me crossed my mind at that moment!

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