Thursday, September 11, 2008


This was an eventful day for me. I was serving as a missionary in the Los Angeles, California mission. My district leader contacted me that morning and let us know what was going on. It all was very weird and unreal to me as I didn't have access to the media. I may have seen a little bit at a lady's home we visited that morning. It was sad that this tragedy happened.

But, a wonderful thing happened that same evening. I had my first baptism! Ashley Simmons was baptized that evening. He then recieved the priesthood and then baptized his daughter Erin. I enjoyed getting to know him and his wife Debbie and their kids. Ashley was a faithful member and actually went through the temple and received his endowments the same day Lee and I were married! Sept 21, 2002!

I found out last fall that he passed away from cancer. I just have to tell you both, Mike and Diana West, for all of your love and fellowship you gave to the Simmons. You are both so generous and kind.

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Kelly said...

I was waiting for my mission call still. How funny. We watched it all in one of my morning classes. It was a very surreal day.