Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Lee!

I was able to get the word to fellow officers that it is his birthday today, so he's had lots of "Happy Birthdays".

I took this picture today in honor of Lee and his 28th birthday. It didn't turn out, but on Robertson Street in Clayton, there are at least 3 businesses that have the name Lee in them. The sign above the white car has Lee written on it, and the little white square sign to the right of the barn roof also bears the name Lee.

A little story for those of you still reading. Lee and I met our freshman year of college. At one point he asked me to go to a dance with him. I got his picture and made a bunch of signs and hung them on several doors around campus. The sign read "Happy Birthday Lee!" And in very small print on the very bottom of the paper, it read "Yes, I will go with you." Several people wished him happy birthday for several days. It was funny.

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