Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday October 28, 2007

Another week has passed in our lives. This week was fairly normal. We did things like: go on a walk, clean bathrooms, play with babies, do laundry, cook, read to Clark and Cal, play hide-n-seek, study for boards part II (just Lee)--just to name a few.

Lee got home around 6:30 every night! I loved it! (Well, one night he was home close to 7 pm, but 4 out of 5 isn't bad!)

Saturday was our big day. Lee treated us right by making German Pancakes for breakfast. A family in our branch was celebrating their son's 1 st birthday, and we went to the party. It was more like a party for the guests! We got lunch, won 2 prizes, had cake and ice cream and the boys and Lee and I got goodie bags.

Later that afternoon we went to two Fall get-togethers. The first was at the McPherson place. I met Jeanne McPherson at the library. She has a 4 year-old-daughter and boy triplets, age 2. They live outside of Whiteville about 4 miles. They have a great place. Jeanne wrote down directions for me to her house. On it she wrote: We are the 2nd house on the right(brick house w/ front porch & playground in backyard). Usually people have a play "area" in their back yard. Well, they have a "playground"! It's great. And their barn is SO GREAT!!! You'll have to see the pictures that I post of it.

We enjoyed visiting people and going on a hayride. Clark had so much fun playing with kids his age. He and Cal were terribly sad when we left.

After the McPherson's we went straight to the church for the fall festivities there. People were finishing eating when we arrived. Lee had a hamburger at the McPherson's and I ate at the church. Bro. Edward (Ward) had roasted corn on his grill in the shuck. YUM! I think this was the first time the whole "summer" that I had corn on the cob. Lee participated in a log chopping contest and won against the people he was chopping with. And he didn't even get any wood chips in his eyes.

We had a fun-filled day. I was tired when we got home at 7:30.

Today was the Primary program at church. I worked with Clark several times to try and get him to memorize his part. He did have a few words of it memorized. Lee went up and helped him though.

We stayed after church for choir. Lee really likes being in the choir. I don't mind, but I am not "excited" to be in a choir. Well, they really wanted us in the choir I think. Especially when they announced in Sacrament meeting last week that they would have babysitting available during choir. Well, beside the choir pianist & his wife, we are basically the only people that need babysitting!! Clark & Cal enjoyed playing in the nursery.

Well, if I think of more to write I'll post it later. Shanna still isn't crawling yet, which I am grateful for. She is close...

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