Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rich Dad Poor Dad
By Robert T. Kiyosaki

I finished reading Rich Dad Poor Dad on Friday. It was a good book. I don't agree with the entire book, but I would recommend reading it. Robert Kiyosaki made some great points concerning money.

There were a couple quotes that I liked. One point in the book he writes about "Chicken Little" and how people are held back because of fears: their own fears, fear they get from watching the news, or fear others instill in them. Kiyosaki gave the example of Col. Sanders how he faced his own Chicken Little: "At the age of 66, he lost his business..." but went on to become a multimillionaire. Kiyosaki concludes: "So when you're in doubt and feeling a little afraid, just do what Col. Sanders did to his little chicken. He fried it." I thought that was great!

He also wrote about how his poor dad would say how good it was to climb the "corporate ladder." Rich dad responded (paraphrasing): "Why not own the ladder?"

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