Sunday, October 21, 2007

Daniel and Amy came to visit!!

Once again, thanks for taking the time to read what we've been up to. This week was a crazy one at work. Usually it slows down for about 15-30 minutes around 3:00 or so. That's when I run home and grab a bite to eat. This week, Monday through Thursday, the patients never stopped coming! Good for Dr. Lewis' business and my education but bad for my stomach.

Monday was our first day back to normal after out trip. I went back to work and since it was so busy I didn't even get a chance to come home for lunch. Ruth did a lot of laundry and got the house back in order.

Tuesday has been lost to the black hole of our minds. If the gravitational pull of remembrance is strong enough I'll tell you all about it.

Wednesday morning Ruth took Shanna to the doctor here (Dr. Matthews). Her head is pretty asymmetrical and we thought we'd just check it out. The doctor said it was right on the borderline for being outside of normal. He wants us to go to a neurologist in Raleigh to be on the safe side. Ruth mentioned that I was interning at Dr. Lewis' office and he said that he was going there for an eye exam that same day. So, he asked Ruth a little bit about me and said that he would play a little joke on me. Ruth told me he was coming because she wanted me to ask him a couple more questions about Shanna, but when I looked on the schedule I didn't see his name. Later that afternoon I saw this guy in the hallway that looked really familiar to me. I looked at him a little longer and he came up to me and said "Lee? What are you doing here? From Ely right? I knew you were in Memphis but what are you doing here?" Anyway, my brain was wracked trying to remember who this guy was and how he knew me! Anyway, it was the doctor and he got me good. It only made it worse that I had thought to myself just before he talked to me that he looked familiar. That part was of course a coincidence.
The next day I saw Dr. Matthews picking up his glasses. He saw me and told me that the neurologist wanted us to get a CT scan before we came! Dr. Lewis has heard all this and said that he would call the hospital to see if they would give us a discount on the CT scan. He also said that if Dr. Matthews charges me for our office visit to let me know because he didn't charge him anything for his eye exam or his glasses the day before.
Thursday Ruth took the kids to story time at the library. Clark and Cal went right in and thoroughly enjoyed it. They look forward to it every week.

Friday was a good day (as usual). Ruth spent most of the morning cleaning and getting the house ready for Daniel and Amy's family. For some reason fewer patients came in and it seemed a lot more laid back at the office. I was even able to come home for a decent amount of time for lunch. While I was home Daniel called and said that they had just left Raleigh and were on their way. After lunch Ruth was getting ready to take the kids outside. The boys were a little restless but she wasn't ready yet so I took the boys back to work with me. Everybody had fun seeing them and 10 minutes later Ruth came with the girls and they had even more fun seeing them. When I got home that evening everybody was here and had just gotten done eating. Daniel brought his Game Cube and Clark had a blast holding a controller and watching everybody else play games.

Saturday I made pancakes and put out the cold cereal. When we were all ready we went to a park in Chadbourn, about 5-7 miles away from Whiteville. The park exceeded expectations!! It was very nice and all the kids had a great time. Ruth prepared some food and we had a fun little picnic. When we got home Ruth put some chicken and special sauce in the crockpot for dinner. We basically just hung out on the front porch and let the kids play the rest of the afternoon. Just as the chicken got done we made some rice and had a yummy dinner. For dessert Ruth made her delicious chocolate chip cookies. Later that night Ruth put together a lasagna in the crockpot and made some no-bake cookies for after church on Sunday.
Church was good today. It was a rush to get ready with everybody here but we made just in time. Halfway through Sunday school Ruth realized that we never put the crock in the pot! (Or is it the pot in the crock?) Luckily we only live 1 minute from church so I could just run home and do it really quick. There's not an official nursery in the Branch so Daniel took Cal and Rachel in there to play with the toys. Cal, I'm sure, loved it. At one point Daniel took Rachel and Cal outside. They each picked a leaf and then Daniel taped the leaf to the back of a plate. He wrote on the back of the plate: "Cal loves his Mom & Dad." It was fun that Daniel did a little craft with them for nursery!
After church we ate the lasagna and no-bake cookies all of which was really good. After lunch we had a good visit while the kids played. They left around 3:00 or so and got home safe, despite a flat tire on the way.
Well, once again I've typed more than you want to read - unless of course you're a parent or grandparent.

Here's a few pictures from this week and Daniel and Amy's visit:

That, my friends, is a lizard tail.
Ruth and Lee at the park.
Ila, Clark, Lizzy, and Lee at the Chadbourn park.
Clark and Anthon posing before they put the fire out.

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