Sunday, October 28, 2007

Photo Album

A self photo of Clark, taken by Clark himself.

Shanna & Haley

Shanna & Haley

Joy, Ruth, Haley & Jeanne McPherson--Jeanne has the triplets.

Lee at the branch woodchopping contest.

Shanna & Haley!

Shanna & Haley

The pigs at the McPherson farm.

Lee and Cal on the hayride!

This is 2/3 of the McPherson Barn. The section on the left (the center) is a room with a fridge, table and can't remember what else, and there is an "attic" for storage. The place on the right with the white door Axel & Jeanne added on after their triplets were born. It's a room with a bed, bunk beds and a bathroom so guests can stay there when they come.

Cal having fun with his green cat sugar cookie.

Clark enjoying the sprinkles.
Lee posing for me.
Part of the "playground" at the McPhersons. There is a big play area to the right that you can see part of.
Okay, this is Axel McPherson and his triplet boys. And this is the other 1/3 of their barn. It's not really part of the barn, but it's right next to it. It's a covered area with tables and a grill. They have a perfect yard for entertaining.

Clark, Ruth and Shanna last Sunday.

Rachel, Lizzy, Clark, Anthon & Ila--isn't this a fun picture!?
Cal and Clark both decorating cookies.

Cal didn't have a nap last Sunday. And at about 7:00 pm, he fell asleep on the floor.
Cal yesterday at the birthday party for Nathan.

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