Monday, September 2, 2019

School Started!

The worse day of the year came.  Okay, it's not the worst, but it's always sad when summer break end.  School started!

We had a good group this year at Mr. Js bagels.  Always fun to hear about the first day of school morning happenings!

That day was also Steven's birthday.  We had fun celebrating his birthday!

The rest of the week was full of some Relief Society things and hanging out with Lena and her kids. 

One night Clark was going through the fire box and found some things labeled to him.  He has a birthday card from Great-Grandma Lena.

A dollar bill he ripped when he was little.

Steven and Lillie came with me when I made copies that week.

Haha, someone's sandwich!

I bought some circular pizza pans that have a bunch of holes in it. And we figured out we need to bake the pizza at 500 degrees.  We also started making our own pizza sauce.  It's been fun and delicious having pizza night here!

We used Cal's gaga pit one night.

He finally got the last part to his Eagle project done...the sign with the donors and the rules for the game.

Lee took some time go to golfing with buddies.

One of the nephew's urinated in our living room and this summer some had gotten urine in the boys' room  I borrow Katherine's steam cleaner and cleaned all the carpets. So much gross water came out!  It was quite satisfying.

Lee participated in a health fair.  Sadly it wasn't well attended.  And he accidentally showed up an hour late.

Great views around here!

 We LOVE our computer screen saver.  It shows us cool places around the world and our list of things to do is getting longer!  I want to do this hike someday!

We went up to Pennsylvania again to visit with Joseph before he left on his mission to Las Vegas.

Elden forgot his Sunday pants so he word my khaki shorts.  He looks like a boy from long-ago England.

It was pretty funny. 

That evening we went around sharing stories from our missions for home church.  It was really great.

The ramp at work is falling apart and Lee has a hard time reaching the property manager.  He's put in some work to patch up some places. Above the vine on the wide white wood was a huge piece that had rotted.  Lee cut it out and put in a new one.  One of the team members, Sarah, painted it.

Fun at the local basketball court.

Haley does some really fun and creative things with food.  This one is very cute!

On a random Wednesday I went to the temple because I didn't have another day that would work.  While I was gone Lee decided to fry up the frog legs that one of his team members gave him.  It was gross seeing the leftover frog legs floating in this bowl in the fridge.

Everyone ate them.  Except me.

Elden having fun with his cub scout belt loops.

I thought this Darth Vador windshield wiper sticker thing was ingenious.

We headed to PA again for Eric's birthday!!!

Shanna and Lee stayed home with Clark as Clark had marching band and Lee and Shanna had a weekend together.

Lois, my mom, Stacie and Jessica and I went to a Boden sample sale. I got two shirts.

I like both of the shirts but this one below is too big.

We stopped at a fun crepe place afterwards.  The owners are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  So fun!
My last time seeing Joseph till he's done with his mission!!!

We took a little drive up to the Shenandoah National Park.

We enjoyed some apples from our tree! Our friend Bryan gave us some tips on how to keep it healthy.  We got lots of apples, but needed to trim them up a bit and scrub them. But still yummy!

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