Saturday, September 7, 2019

Lee's Birthday!

We had a fun Labor Day weekend celebrating Lee's birthday. Random photos first!

Shanna made some berry juice.

And Lee trying out weird stuff with his eyes.

Birthday decorating time!

On our way to a bike ride there were some hikers hitchhiking. Lee and picked them up.  We dropped them off at the top of the mountain by the Shenandoah Park entrance.

We headed out to the Gateway Trail by a private school-the Blue Ridge school.  Such a fun trail!

We then went to Riverside Lunch.  So yummy!

Their burgers are soooo delicious. 

Later on we had a little party and played pingpong.  I made Lee a double chocolate mousse torte.  It was so delicious.

Lee blew out candles shoved in some pieces of bread.  We didn't want to wreck the torte!

I did 39 trick candles and Lee couldn't blow them out. They couldn't blow them out either. 

They kept trying...

Finally the candles were out and Lee could move on to some present opening.  His birthday present, but not really a birthday present, was getting some carbon fiber wheels for his bike. 

Random photos.....

Nesquick still lives.

Two days after Lee's birthday is Lois' birthday.  I drove up to their new place and surprised her for a couple hours on her birthday. Elden tagged along with me.

I brought her a chocolate cheesecake and made some ganache to put on it. Though a bit too much...

We then went to Chick-fil-A for lunch.  Happy Birthday Lois!!!

Cal made another game this summer.  It's always fun seeing his game creations. Love that he bought 100 dice off of Amazon.

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