Tuesday, August 20, 2019

When Sheldon and Ciera Came to Town

We did spend a little time at home this summer with family coming to see us.  Lisa hung out with us for a few days as well.  One night we helped Christian celebrate his birthday.

Haley made these super fun movie tickets for Christian to come and watch Tron and Tron Legacy at our house.

We found a couple of fun items for Gracie for her birthday. Shanna and Clark love holding Esme.

Clark received a birthday present himself!  The Petersons know him well.  Clark loves sardines and won't ever turn down cash!

Lee and Cal hit a trail for a little bike ride.

Shanna reminds me of Mahana's dad in Johnny Lingo.

There's the proof....Clark loves holding Esme too.

We ventured up to Pennsylvania for a little trip and my mom fed us.  Sadly I can't remember at all why I went up!  A sign of maybe too many road trips in one summer...

We are going strong with making our own yogurt still. 

Next adventure, hanging out with Sheldon and Ciera and the Bartholomew's at Hershey Park.  We've never been to Hershey Park and we loved it.  Tons of different rides!

Time for dinner.  Darrell and I went to a local grocery store to pick up fried chicken for dinner.  It rained a little that day but overall was a great day to be outside.

I liked this quote on the t-shirt.

Best floor caution sign ever.

We ended the evening at Hershey World.  We did the chocolate tour and snapped a couple pictures.

 I asked someone to take our picture and the lady only took a picture of us....I wanted the whole background.  Oh well.

Clark showing off his new goggles he bought.

Yep, the phrase lives on since scout camp.

After Hershey Park Ciera and Sheldon came down to our house and spent a few days here.  We took a little hike on Bear Fence. 

Ha ha, nice license plate.

That weekend we went to Smith Mountain Lake and camped with Sheldon and Ciera, the Bartholomews and the Heits.  One of the kids gave everyone a chance to repeat the Nesquik saying.

The next morning we headed out on a pontoon boat.  The Ereksons came up from Mississippi and met us as well.

My parents came down as well and snuck in a boat ride!

The pontoon was a double decker and had a slide which was super fun.  We had fun taking people out on tube rides and then we would stop and let the kids play on the slide and jump off the edges.

Sheldon and Ciera and Lena and some of her kids came to stay with us a couple more days.

Ciera was super sweet and helped Clark with dishes Sunday night.  It was fun hearing their conversation. We loved having them here.  We also hung out at a park and went to the pool again as well.  Sheldon and Ciera were able to work out a couple of times and once Ciera showed me some weight lifting moves which was great.  I wish that I could go with her a few more times.

Shanna got new glasses!

The last day of summer break we went to the pool with Lena and the Petersons.

The night before school started Cal received an award from the town for his Eagle project.  The Peterson's came for dinner and Lena's family was at our house as well.  Lee, Cal and Christian ran over really quick to the community center so Cal could get the award.  I regret that I didn't go.  I felt weird leaving the people at the house, but I should have just gone. 

So great he was able to get his Eagle! 

Yet again, I can't believe summer break ended that quick.

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