Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Elden is 10!

Wow, all of our kids are double digits!  So crazy!  I must say I do enjoy having older, more self-sufficient kids around.

Before we head in to Elden's birthday the kids went on another temple trip to the Philadelphia Temple!

My kids love pushing a stroller around. Go figure.

So great being at the temple with cousins and Grandpa!

My kids like to edit photos and add tag lines....

Don't see a double match everyday!

Elden pulling double duty in the kitchen.

We had a lesson on building our foundation on the rock of Christ.  Not a sandy foundation.

It's funny seeing some of the Legos around the house and the different poses.

Yep!  We have one cool Lee!

This was hilarious.  Dr. Robinson.  The Dentist.

The start of Elden's birthday cake. 

A Starwars X-Wing

Elden invited Lois, Darrell and Daniel and families for his birthday.  And they all came!

Sister Ray!  One of our awesome missionaries.

Daniel, Darrell, Lois and Me

Elden celebrating with family the day before the big day.

Clark belting out Happy Birthday!

Elden received some fun presents from cousins and siblings.

Shanna made a pinata with candy for Elden to break.

On Elden's actual birthday he invited a couple friends and our friends the Petersons.

Grandpa and Grandma Bartholomew's card.

Grandpa and Grandma Robertson's card.

Happy Birthday Elden!  We sure love you.  I love waving to you as you ride off to school.  It's so sweet and makes me a little sad, but so glad you like waving to me.

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