Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Luck of the Irish

Really, it's March already?  Though in a way that's fine by me as it means summer is approaching. We enjoyed some gorgeous sunrises.

We thought this mouthwash dispenser at a public place was interesting...

Yep Cal, I think most everyone would have an skin allergy to poison ivy and uranium, haha.

Not sure what this is but.....

I enjoyed putting together some St. Patrick's Day goodie bags for the team members at Lee's office.

I ordered the cookies.  Aren't they amazing?!

Nice snack.

More skiing!  Warm out this evening which was nice. Not nice when the snow melts and then is icy.

I made a double chocolate cheesecake.  It was delicious!

Cal, Shanna and Haley had their annual festival recital.  It went well!

Yep, Clark is in the nap stage of teenage years.

Shanna and Haley came with me to a babyshower for Alisa Bell.  It was really cute.

The kids enjoyed opening the loot for St. Patrick's Day.

We all loved corned beef and cabbage!

FHE activity at Hillandale Park!

There is a fun trail there and a little BMX track.

Cal sold some candy bars for a fundraiser at the middle school.  He ended up being the highest seller in his grade.  Way to go Cal on accomplishing your goal!

The elementary school holds an art night, which my kids love (well, I don't think Clark went).  Cal had fun with the clay.  The frog is Cal's creation.  It's called the Ooki Nooki frog.

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