Thursday, February 28, 2019

Winter Life

It's great when activities pop up throughout the wintertime to keep us busy and add some spark to the cold, crummy days.  I made some rolls that turned out amazingly well.  That is always a bonus!

Shanna got a HUGE bag of gummy bears.  She put some away in a compartment. 

This year we had four kids at the Youth Standards night!  That was fun.  Elden tagged along and watched a movie in a classroom while we all were at the meeting. Clark conducted which was really fun.

A trip to the dump is always fun.  We picked up some brush from off a friend's driveway and took it to the dump.

Cal found a Christmas tree. Pretty funny since it was the middle of February.  But it was the dump. 

We don't pass up on a chance to hang out with family!  We went up to PA for Joseph's 18th birthday!

Yep, Clark is driving now which is awesome!  It will be exciting when he gets his license.

We enjoyed more skiing!

Each year we visit Funky's Skating for an annual church activity. 

We finally got some snow!  We haven't had a really good snow fall in awhile, but we take snow when we can!

Lee bought this pretty orchid and it's been fun having it at the house especially in the winter.

In true Virginia style, the snow was almost gone a day later.

It's great going skiing when it's warm out!

Cal and Clark came with us to the Blue Ridge Food Pantry one day since they had a day off of school.

One night we decided to make our own pizzas.

And fun going skiing at night with fog.  It's kind of eerie.

Lee and I started making our own yogurt and we're still going strong!  I was never interested in making it before.  But then I heard how easy it was to make with an instant pot.  Though I am sure it's easy the other way as well. 

Around Valentine's Day we went on a double date with Jason and Susan Jones.  First we ate at the Rocktown Kitchen and then saw the Shanghai Orchestra.  It's not their official name, but I can't remember what it is.  They were so amazing!!!

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