Monday, March 25, 2019

A little more music, please

It came, our last 4th grade recorder concert!  We enjoyed seeing Elden play and it's fun seeing the different ensembles the different classes perform.

We also enjoyed an awesome concert from the Navy Band.  We took our friend Gael Scott with us. Her husband passed away a few months ago and he was in the Navy. Elden missed his evening school recorder performance but we figured the Navy Band would be a better choice all around.

This guy, the voice of the Navy Band, sounded a lot like Thurl Ravenscroft

Cal and I went on a field trip to Route 11 Potato Chip factory.  We enjoyed seeing behind the scenes!

Not sure if this is a drone Clark rebuilt or not, but someone took a picture of it.

And more food....Shirley's popcorn gives out free popcorn for every 6 hours you read in the month of March.  Very yummy!

The day before we left for our Spring Break trip,we went to a trampoline park.  Five minutes before we left Lee was jumping and tried to dodge a little girl, landing wrong on his ankle.  Terribly wrong!

The last part of the music bit, that same night when Lee sprained his ankle we went to hear one of our friend's sing in a Bach Around the Clock festival.  They did an amazing job!

Thankfully Lee had packed up most of the suburban before we left for Florida and before he sprained his ankle.  After church we headed to Lois' for a little get together and to celebrate Reed's birthday. My cousin Howard and his wife Tish and their daughter Lysi were there as well.  And Darrell's family too. We enjoyed visiting.  Howard is a doctor and looked a little at Lee's ankle.  We didn't think it was broken, but decided it would be wise to get a boot.  Thankfully one of Lois' friends had two boots Lee could borrow for Florida. 

Lee with a cold corn compress.

Clark and I drove the entire time to and back from Florida.

I think this was still the boot Lee was wearing but Shanna has fun with the second boot.  She even wore it the whole overnight drive to Florida! 

We enjoyed the fun concerts and the fun goodies as well!  It was crazy about Lee's ankle though. But that is life, right?!

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