Monday, May 13, 2019

Sister's Weekend!

Sister's weekend came!  We traveled up to PA for sister's weekend this year.  We stayed at my mom's house which was really fun.

The first day we picked up Stephanie from the airport and went to the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore.  On the way to the museum we passed by a window washer.  My mom commented about the window washer and asked for us to get a picture.  So I did...of some random window washer off of a google search.  We had a good laugh about that the whole weekend.

Next we hit up a restaurant supply store which was super fun. I wasn't planning on buying anything except food for the trip, but ended up with these fun items!

We had lunch at at a cute spot in Ellicott City, Georgia Grace Cafe.  I couldn't decide what to have for lunch so fries and bacon it was.

We checked out a couple cute shops in Ellicott City.

Before dinner we went to an escape room at Escape Adventures.  I must say I was skeptical of doing this activity with my sisters, Mom and Stacie, but it was SO FUN!  AND we got out before the time ended!  What was funny or maybe I should be offended? the guy came in about 20-30 minutes into the game to mess with something in the room. I can't remember why.  Or he just spoke to us over the intercom.  I can't remember. But he said, wow I'm surprised you guys are doing so well.  ???  Not sure what he meant that he was impressed that the group of stay-at-home moms could do well with problem solving or ? 

We ended the night at a super cute restaurant, The Dobbin House.  A bed and breakfast was part of the business. While we waited to be seated we took a peak at the bed and breakfast.

The dark bread (can't remember the name of it!) pumpernickel?  was sooo good!

Day Two! This day was all things Amish. Lancaster is about 35 minutes from my mom's house and we had fun venturing out! We had a fun tour around Amish country. We stopped at an Amish farm where a store was set up by the church male leaders in that particular church district.  I thought it was funny that they had this pretty big store on someone's private property and used electricity and debit/credit machines.  But yet the owners of the actual property had a small meager store right close, taking only cash.  Seemed conflicting.  I bought whoopie pies for my family.  YUM!

The covered bridges are so fun.

I thought this was funny and clever.  But also funny because the Amish use real flashlights and batteries.

It was fun driving past the Amish schools.

We ate at Katie's Kitchen for lunch per my request.  Lee and I ate there a few years ago.

Later we stopped at the Bird In Hand Bake Shop.  I also went here with Lee and couldn't remember the name.  Nor was the name on my blog!  I asked a couple local people and they had no idea what I was talking about.  I remember the place because of the rocking picnic tables below.  But I asked one more lady and she knew!  YAY!  I think these things are so cool.  I love the Amish scooters as well.

If you want one....

That night Lois was pulled over because of a brake light that was out.  Very anticlimatic.

We ended at my mom's to do crafts and watch a Hallmark movie.

It was a fun, whirlwind weekend!  Love hanging out with my mom, sisters and Stacie!  I stopped at IKEA on the way home and bought a second bag to hold my plastic Easter Eggs.

Mother's Day was that weekend and I came home to some fun goodies and notes.

Lee also switched out the odd ball doorknob upstairs.  All of the doorknobs he had previously switched out.  For some reason I never thought about changing the closet doorknob till about then.  Now it matches the others upstairs!

I read this fun, short read.  The 80 something year-old lady who wrote it is so funny.

Can't wait for the next sister's weekend!  I'm already thinking and planning a little bit for it as I'm hosting!  YAY!

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