Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Eagle Scouts All Around

Spring started to find its way to the valley, which is always a welcome sign.  It means SUMMER is coming!!!  Summer is my favorite season if you didn't know that already.

Shanna participated in track this spring.

She got in on the shotput action.

Shanna likes to have her hair braided sometimes at night then wear it wavy in the morning.  I guess she wanted me to take this picture of her hair?

We went up to Pennsylvania for general conference weekend which is always a great time.

We got to see Darrell's new patio and fire pit down by the creek.  It's so great down there! 

Soon after the hoola hoop action my nephew Luke picked up my phone and threw it on the stone patio.  It did not fare well and I had to get the screen replaced.  I didn't mind going without a phone for a couple of weeks.  That is a little tricky being the Relief Society president, but with a home phone and computers I managed just fine.  Plus we have that "kid" phone and I used that for texting as a backup.  The annoying thing was paying about $120 for it.  I hate unexpected expenses.  But sadly they happen all the time.    

I might have taken this photo earlier in the day during conference.  But no more from the weekend with an unusable phone.

I am not sure if I took this photo, but Haley and I went on a field trip to the Frontier Cultural Museum.  I went with Shanna again the next day.  Pretty funny, haha.  But I am glad I got to go on both field trips.

So now into some scout stuff!  Elden received an award...not sure which, but great job Elden!

The kids like buying the discounted Easter candy after Easter.

And apparently they like to blow bubbles as well when they do dishes.

Or they are just playing around.

But I digress.  More scout stuff.  Cal started on his Eagle Scout project!!!  YAY!  It was crazy, like always leading up to a scout project.  The school had a day of service where if the student served for 3 hours they could take the day off of school.  We met in the morning from 7-10.  Cal's project was building a gaga pit at the local park. 

Some local scouts that also attend the same school came which was great.

The next day we headed up to my nephew Joseph's court of honor.  I loved how they decorated!

Joseph is on the left.  He had a joint court of honor with his friend Brian.

I thought it was sweet--Joseph gave his mentor pin to my mom.

A good looking group of scouts!

The next day we attended Kylie's baptism, my niece.  I love being able to do things with their family!

We did a quick celebration for my mom's birthday! 

We left soon thereafter and headed back home to work again on Cal's project. 

Some friends came that evening which was awesome! They accomplished quite a bit that night.

My friends in my ward, Tom and Jackie Davidson, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary!  So fun. 

Trying to catch Clark playing the piano.

I went to another track meet for Shanna. 

She got a little treat on the way home.

The high school here has a medallion awards ceremony for students who excel in character and academics.  Clark was invited to attend this year and received an award. I guess that's the end of the scout stuff.  But I so glad Cal got his project started and it was very fun attending Joseph's court of honor. It was quite the ordeal for him to get his Eagle.  The district up there basically discriminates against the boys in the LDS Troop which is really sad and incredibly frustrating!

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