Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Shanna and Haley turn 12!

Wow, one more year and the girls will be teenagers! Shanna and Haley turned 12 this year!  I took them to Subway for lunch, pulling them out of school for a little bit.  I was in the midst of reading a book about a North Korean, The Girl with Seven Names when I took them to Subway.  It was kind of weird being immersed in the book and then just walking out my door, with money to buy whatever food I wanted, the freedom and blessing to drive a car and a car that I own, plus not having to worry about getting robbed or mugged.  Despite the problems that go on in this country, the USA is AMAZING!

Haley wanted a dragon cake and Shanna wanted a watermelon jello "cake".  I loved how Haley's cake form of a dragon looked. 

It looked more like an iguana or lizard when I was done.  Oh well.

Shanna's watermelon jello "cake". 

We usually have a requested dinner or recently go out to eat for birthday dinners. I was thinking of going to a Mexican restaurant or something, but the girls decided on Burger King, so we did!  Then usually we have a family party with blowing out candles, opening presents and eating the dessert! We didn't want Shanna's jello to melt, so we opted for candles in some fondant instead.

Fun candle placement Haley!

Elden wanted in on the action.

Present time! They both received what they requested and also each received a surprise present of a camera. I think they both had a great birthday!

To finish the other random updates....Cal and Elden went to the elementary school's fair for a little while.

The girls had a spaghetti dinner and auction fundraiser for young women's camp the day after their birthday.  It seemed to go well!

The girls had a little friend party as well. 

Another random happening...Lee and I substituted for Shanna and Haley's Sunday school class one Sunday.

And more gaga pit work happened!

I thought it was cute seeing Cal's creations.  He's very creative.  He created the Ooki Nooki Frog. He decided to give it a residence in his room.  Or at least put a sign on his bedroom door for the Ooki Nooki Frog.

Oh, I just thought of a story that happened May 1st. I was in Walmart shopping and went to the checkout line.  My cart was very full.  A lady in front of me had only a few items, but she got out of line to talk to an employee there.  She then got back in line behind me, but I had already started the check out process or I would have let her go in front of me.  I told her sorry that it was going to take so long, but she said she didn't care.  She kept standing there waiting, with just a handful of items.  For some reason it was making me so anxious that she wouldn't go to a faster checkout line.  Then the cashier was taking FOREVER!  Which added to my anxiety, which is funny. She was buying craft supplies for her three boys and again said she didn't mind waiting.  I guess it was stressing me out that she would just stand there and not pick a more efficient way to checkout and leave!  Then I offered to buy her craft items for her.  Mainly because I felt weird that she just stayed there for so long waiting for me.  I told her that it was May Day and I would be happy to buy those items for her.  She was pleasantly surprised, and let me purchase them for her.  Even though the service wasn't born out of the best intent, I figured Grandma Ruth would be smiling about that.  It was her birthday that day and I am named after her.  Also I heard from my cousin Allyson that on May Day you leave a basket of flowers or goodies or something on your neighbor or friends door step.  I've never researched it so I have no idea.  So that was my May Day experience, haha.

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