Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Lee!  No, you didn't miss it.  Actually, you have a few days left to plan that special something for your favorite Dads in you life!  Because of our schedule we won't be able to properly celebrate this special day with Lee, so we decided to hold it a week early.

Lee is very easy to please for breakfast.  He LOVES cereal.  I mean, REALLY loves cereal.  He quite enjoyed having cream on his cereal Sunday morning too. 
June 12 2016 (2)

Some of the kids made cards and Haley made a banner (with a little help from me).
June 12 2016 (3)

Something else Lee likes is Oreos, though you can't really see them here.  But he loves cereal even more than Oreos.
June 12 2016 (4)

Cal made a cute card for Lee to hold up to a mirror to read it.
June 12 2016 (5)

Little notes from our kids are so cute.  I love them.
June 12 2016 (6)

I bought this glasses holder back in March in Ellicott City, Maryland.  It's one of those things that when I saw it, "Lee" was written all over it.
June 12 2016 (7)

June 12 2016 (8)

The kids thought it was pretty cute too.
June 12 2016 (9)

June 12 2016 (10)

Lee and his kiddos!  He'll have to tell you what he thinks about fatherhood, but I know he enjoys it and loves his kids.  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY LEE!!!  We've had our ups and downs, but it sure it great being married to my best friend.
June 12 2016 (12)

That Sunday we visited a friend in a nursing home while Lee was at meetings.  We saw a bunch of carriages heading home, I suppose.  I'm guessing an old order Mennonite church had recently finished their services.
June 12 2016 (13)

That night Cal and Clark had a court of honor.  Cal's first as a new boy scout!
June 12 2016 (14)

Clark completed Star rank! YAY!  He also was in charge of conducting the presentation and retiring of the colors, and handing out advancements.  He is the Senior Patrol Leader!  I received mother's pins from both boys. I have this nifty ribbon "necklace" that the boys can pin their pins onto, instead of my shirt.  Cal also helped post and retire the colors. 
June 12 2016 (16)

And thanks to an 11 year-old scout camp and Cal's awesome scout leader, he was able to get Scout Rank right away.  The new scouting requirements are harder and more involved.  I am glad Clark's requirements aren't as difficult.  Wonder if it will change before Elden enters or not.  Whatever book you start with in Scouts is the one you stay with the whole way through.  They came out with new books, which included new requirements late last year. 
June 12 2016 (17)

Overall it was a nice Sunday.  A young man received his Eagle Scout at the court of honor also.

Again, Happy Father's Day Lee!  And a big happy Father's Day to my dad and father-in-law.  We're so blessed from all they taught us about work, service, and loving the Lord. 

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shelly said...

Ruth! You are so good at keeping your blog up to date =) The views there are amazing! Also, you're rocking those cute wedges! P.S. I have to tell you of some mission news (15 years later...). I got a call from Amber Burnham Meekins about one of our old investigators. She just got baptised and still had the BoM we gave her years ago. Anyway, I called her and she's going strong. It was fun. Enjoy the rest of your summer!