Monday, June 13, 2016

Cal's 11th Birthday

Wow, Cal turned 11!  I can't believe my cute guy is headed to middle school this fall.  He is officially in boys scouts now too!  Cal's birthday fell on the last day of school, and on the last day of piano lessons for the school year.  He didn't mind it being on the last day of school so much, but was not excited about piano lessons.  Thankfully our teacher is flexible with things like this and Clark and Cal had their "last" lesson the day before.  That same afternoon we picked up Cal's birthday cake that my friend Beth made.  We won a certificate for a cake at an auction to raise money for the young women in our ward for a week-long summer camp.  I asked Cal if he wanted to redeem the certificate for his birthday cake and he readily agreed.  I must say, it was so nice picking up a cake!  His birthday was very easy and simple for me!
June 8 2016

The morning of his birthday the girls and I snuck out the back door and headed to school to decorate Cal's locker.  We all enjoyed doing that. 
June 9 2016 Cal's Bday

June 9 2016 Cal's Bday (3)

June 9 2016 Cal's Bday (5)

I made sure there were 11 balloons.
June 9 2016 Cal's Bday (6)

I went back home and Cal and Elden did notice at all that we had left.  I walked upstairs to the 5th grade hall with Cal.  When he saw his locker he said "Now I'm embarrassed."  So funny.  He did think it was kind of cool too.
June 9 2016 Cal's 11th bday

The last day of school the teachers and some of the parents put on a big picnic for the 5th graders.  During the picnic one of the girls in Cal's class had every 5th grader sing to Cal.  They were all in a big circle with Cal in the middle.  I thought that was so sweet.  Cal enjoyed that too. 
June 9 2016 Cal's 11th bday (2)

We had a fun little family party that evening.  The Frankes were able to come too.
June 9 2016

June 9 2016 (3)

June 9 2016 (5)

June 9 2016 (6)

Haley gave Cal a manila envelope filled with a bunch of cut up pieces of paper--like confetti--that she cut up using the cutting board. Inside with the confetti she put in a little stuff blue bear and a bookmark.  Not exactly sure what Cal thought about the present, but Haley loves to give presents and it was sweet of her to think of him.
June 9 2016 (22)

Cards from the grandparents!  Always something my kids look forward too!
June 9 2016 (23)

We gave Cal a boomerang.
June 9 2016 (26)

A Lego set.
June 9 2016 (29)

And because we don't have enough Legos already, another Lego set.  I admit, I love Legos and I'm sure we'll be buying more and more for years. 
June 9 2016 (30)

The Frankes gave Cal two fun model size Star Wars ships, which he likes.  We had fun eating and visiting.  Cal loved putting together his Lego sets.  As you saw in a previous post we also went down to the river that afternoon too, and Cal and Elden played outside a little with the hose and the trampoline. 

I just love this baby picture of Cal.  What a cutie.  Happy 11th birthday Cal!  He's a sweet and thoughtful kid; and still a cutie.
Last Day of School June 9 2016 (11)

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