Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Drills, Lights, Action!

Just a quick little house update.  We had some new lighting put in our house and we love it!  One night at Cubscouts I was sitting in on a Webelos meeting where the den leader was teaching the boys about electricity. I asked him, Ernie, if he was an electrician.  After he replied yes, I then went on to ask if he did side work.  Well, he came to our house a few days later and did some awesome stuff!  We now have better lighting in our living room, among other things.  He was prompt, worked hard and just got the job done right.  Loved the whole experience! 
May 28 2016 New Lights

So much better!  Bye bye floor lamp!
May 28 2016 (5)

He put in a dimmer switch too!

He also installed a light in mine and Lee's bedroom.  So amazing to have a SWITCH in our room, and a light that it now turns on!

Now to redo this room sometime this year...

The old porch light, though filled with some fun character, needed to go. The wiring was bad and old. Lee actually installed the new one.
May 23 2016 (4)


Ernie also disconnected the power to our lamp post outside so the breaker won't flip every time we turn the porch light on.  Something is wrong with the wiring and we decided not to do anything about it right now. We love the new lights!

Along the light lines...found these pictures on the emergency "kid" phone. 
April 30 2016

April 30 2016 (2)

These last two of Elden are funny and creepy, ha ha.
April 30 2016 (3)

 April 30 2016 (4)

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