Monday, November 10, 2014

Woodrow Wilson Birthplace

Yes, folks, yet another field trip!  And you'll see more posts on fieldtrips in the future.  This time I was able to go with the 6th graders to Staunton, VA to visit the birthplace of past president Woodrow Wilson.  There is also a museum there and a memorial library.
Oct 10 2014 Woodrow Wilson birthplace

I thought the "Robertson Hall" was kind of fun.  President Wilson's limo is on display in there too.
Oct 10 2014 Woodrow Wilson's birthplace

Oct 10 2014 Woodrow Wilson's birthplace (2)

It was interesting hearing more about World War I too.  We also learned about the secret Indian group that used their native language to send messages so the Germans or whomever couldn't decode it.  (Can't remember the name of the tribe...)
Oct 10 2014 Woodrow Wilson's birthplace (4)

There was a trench display down in the basement too.  The kids liked it.
Oct 10 2014 Woodrow Wilson's birthplace (5)

It was fun going with them.  I love that he wants me to come to stuff like this.  And I loved it even more when he would say across the room with all the other 6th graders, "Love you Mom!"

I had been slacking on getting Fall Sunday outfits together for the girls.  Shanna told me she wanted a maxi skirt and I looked around online, but didn't want to pay the prices that I found.  I searched pinterest for a free tutorial for a maxi skirt and I found a good one.  I normally use a pattern to sew things so this was somewhat of a first for me.  I found some fabric and sewed them up!  It was pretty easy to make them too.  They really like them.  I think I'll be making more maxi skirts in the future!  Not very "fall-ish" colors, but they turned out cute. They'll work for the coming spring too.
Oct 12 2014 maxi skirts

We had a couple of back to school nights this fall.  Shanna decided to wear this outfit that particular night.  Her friend gave her some fake glasses awhile back.
Oct 14 2014 back to school night

A few weeks ago Lee and I had our weekly date over his lunch break.  Our local community center has a ping pong table, so I surprised him by taking him there.  He won all the games, of course.  Someday we'll have our own ping pong table.  This month we actually bought a family pass to the community center and we've been there a couple of times already. 
Oct 14 2014 Pingpong Date

We can't believe that the holidays are just around the corner!  I am in the midst of Thanksgiving preparations for 39 people!  It's going to be awesome!  I have the rolls baked and in the freezer, in addition to 14 pie crusts all ready in the freezer.  I also made some potato soup, and the froze it.  I have a couple more things that I am going to make and freeze/store. I don't mind cooking while people are here, but I want to have as much done beforehand as possible.  It's going to be so busy that I want to have as much time as possible to just hang out and have fun with my family.  Five of us siblings will be together, along with my parents. 

In addition to food preparations, I have been shopping, shopping, shopping for food for the big week.  Anything that can last till the end of the month I've been buying.  We had bags of food and household items sitting in our hallway for a good week.  It's been busy around here lately.  Lee was kind and put a bunch of stuff away for me one night.  Then Saturday night I finally put the remaining stuff away, and organized our food storage shelves.  I also reorganized our chest freezer and kitchen freezer, which was good.  I hope I can fit everything that I want to freeze!  I even have a turkey waiting to be cooked.  I still need to buy one more turkey.  I have the menu all planned out too for while people are coming and going around Thanksgiving.  I need to get some little house projects done too before people come, plus we want to redo the front porch. Well, we are hiring someone to do most of the work.  We'll do some, but not the majority of it.  Anyway.....that is what I've been up to lately.  Maybe I'll have Halloween posts up by the end of the week!   

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BWei said...

That was exhausting just reading all the things you've cooked already! Haha. Seriously--you are amazing and I love how prepared and gung-ho you are about things like that. It will be a wonderful Thanksgiving! And what a fun field trip, too.