Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Touch-Up & Outings

Wow, Thanksgiving is this week!  Are you ready for the big day?  Last week was pretty busy for us and we weren't going to have a night available for a date.  Lee and I went to the community center for a lunch date.  We played pool, and ping-pong too. After arriving home we ate some leftover cheesecake from Young Women in Excellence.
Nov 20 2014 Date

Nov 20 2014 Date (2)

In addition to lots of food prep, I have been getting the house ready too.  The hall closet and computer desk were especially messy.  I love the idea I found on some blogs (iheartorganizing and thirftydecorchic) to empty out the space, put back what you want and get rid of what you don't need.  Too bad I didn't take a picture of the coat closet stuff on the ground.  I was bewildered myself that so much stuff was on our little coat closet! This is of the computer desk clean-out.
Nov 20 2014

I bought a new tube of caulking and did some of that last week.  I also received a sweet letter from my niece! 
Nov 21 2014 letter from Jessica Bartholomew

One of the young women from church was in the play "School House Rocks".  She and the whole cast did a great job. I took the girls with me and we made it a special date.
Nov 20 2014 School House Rocks Play Alisha Hunsaker

Later, after getting Lee and Clark (Cal and Elden too) from Scouts we all headed to Target.  I bet you are SO surprised that there was a Frozen backdrop amongst all the Frozen merchandise clothing.
Nov 20 2014 Target

I have been thinking about painting this chair for awhile.  I finally did it!  Friday night I did the primer.  I have one more coat of paint to go and it will be done!
Nov 22 2014 (2)

I recently found out about placemat pillows.  So cool!  Here is the link if you're interested:
I bought this placemat from Target.
Nov 22 2014

A bit of holiday decor!  The pillow cost me a total of about $6.50!
Nov 22 2014 (3)

We enjoyed going to the temple last Saturday.  It was the 40th year of its dedication too!
Nov 22 2014 Lee and Ruth DC Temple 40th anniversary

Saturday afternoon I went shopping with my girls and three other nieces. It was fun having them come! I stocked up on holiday goodies at Trader Joe's...YUM!
Nov 22 2014 Shopping

Nov 22 2014 Shopping (2)

It was so cute hearing them sing in the van together!
Nov 22 2014 Shopping (3)

Haley took a picture of a robot that Cal built.
Nov 23 2014 (2)

Sunday night Lee made lava cakes for ALL of us! Delicious.  He made eight so Lee and I split one.  Yummy!
Nov 23 2014 (4)

And lastly, Cal volunteered to help Elden unload the dishwasher so he could play with him.  So cute. 
Nov 23 2014 Cal helping Elden with dishwasher

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Lois said...

That was fun shopping with you! Love the pillow!