Sunday, November 23, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween was a fun day.  It was great that it fell on a Friday too!  Seriously though, I am not sure why they don't move the teacher work day to Halloween.  They had one just a week before.  Why not wait till Halloween day?  Moving on....

Elden and Shanna & Haley had fun Halloween activities at school.  I went in to help with Shanna and Haley, though didn't stay the whole time.  Halloween morning/afternoon was super busy for me!
Oct 31 2014 2nd grade pumpkin party

They did some science stuff with pumpkins. Later they watched Legend of Sleepy Hollow and had some goodies.  A ballet company in DC is doing the Legend of Sleepy Hollow...or already performed it.  I would love to see that performance someday!
Oct 31 2014 2nd grade pumpkin party (2)

Oct 31 2014 2nd grade pumpkin party (3)

Oct 31 2014 2nd grade pumpkin party (4)

A little after 5 that night we headed out for trick-or-treating around our town.  They do a great trick-or-treating.  We also stopped at some houses in our neighborhood.  The pictures are a little out of order.
Oct 31 2014 2nd grade pumpkin party (5)

Here are a couple kids before we left.
Oct 31 2014 Halloween (2)

Oct 31 2014 Halloween (3)

Oct 31 2014 Halloween (4)

Oct 31 2014 Halloween (5)

We stop at the nursing home that is less than a block from our house.  It is so sweet of the residents to hand out candy.  The kids got a ton there in just one stop! We sang Christmas carols there last year, and want to do that again this year.

Back at the garden spot!  We ran into some friends too, and joined up with some other friends for trick-or-treating.
Oct 31 2014 Halloween (7)

Love the "huge" pumpkin!  Last year it was even bigger!
Oct 31 2014 Halloween (8)

Oct 31 2014 Halloween (9)

We haven't handed out candy at our house in years...except for maybe two or three trick-or-treaters each Halloween.  Lee has been handing out candy at the town's trick-or-treating though so that makes up for what we don't do at our house.  He wore his crazy contacts again.  Many people did double takes when they looked at him.  Yeah, those contacts are hard to look at in real life!
Oct 31 2014 Halloween (11)

Our town is a "golf cart" friendly community.  I doubt we'll stay in town, but if we do, someday I totally want to get a golf cart to drive around town!
Oct 31 2014 Halloween (12)

A church close to downtown always has a maze, along with cookies and hot apple cider.  The kids love going here.
Oct 31 2014 Halloween (13)

After trick-or-treating, my friend Jenna and her kids met us at our house. We watched The Ghost & Mr. Chicken with Don Knotts while the kids sorted and ate candy.  It was a fun night.  And the movie was over by about 9:30 too!  I stayed up late that night sorting candy and threw a bunch away.  I should I done the candy sell back for the stuff I threw away!  The next morning the kids were not happy that I had sorted it though.  (I seriously love going through their candy!)  I set aside candy for gingerbread houses, Christmas and Valentine's Day!  They still had so much left over, which I pointed out to them.  Not sure when I'll stop sorting their candy on Halloween.  Hope you all had a fun and spooky night!

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