Wednesday, November 5, 2014

General Conference & Fun

We enjoyed general conference weekend the beginning of October.  Every six months the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints holds a world wide conference where we can hear from our leaders and the prophet, Thomas S. Monson.  All of us look forward to it. 

Before any conference pictures, here is a little of this and that.  Lee and I rotate turns for date nights.  One night we play Boggle.  Love the messages he creates with Boggle!  We used our cell phones to write down the words.  A fun twist on the game.
Oct 2 2014 Date

And even before the date, he sent me a prescription prescribing a date.  I love getting mail from him!
Oct 2 2014 Date invite

I was at the library counting money for the Race for Education and the kids met me there.  They liked the Cat in the Hat.
Oct 3 2014 EES Library

Oct 3 2014 EES Library (2)

Oct 3 2014 EES Library (3)

One of the neighbor girls left this at our house.  This is my kind of pet!  Especially after the neighbor cat snuck in my van and spent a whole 12 hours in there and went to the bathroom inside of my van.  And of course we found this out right as we were leaving for church and Lee was already gone.  I told my kids in a very annoyed voice, "This is why we don't have pets!  They're messy and disgusting!" Now, I have nothing against other people having pets, and I enjoyed my hamster and Buffy the dog growing up.  But on my mission I was in one too many disgusting houses where the pet smell and hair was out of control.  It turned me off for good.  Lee doesn't want animals either, so it's a great match.  I tell my kids they can have their own house when they grow up. Okay, wasn't going to share all of that, but there you go!
Oct 3 2014 Fish

Some fun Lego creations.  I am amazed at what my kids come up with. 
Oct 3 2014 Lego Creations

Oct 3 2014 Lego Creations (5)

Over conference weekend I put together a package for my nephew who is at the Missionary Training Center preparing to go to Hungary for his two-year mission. In Hungary he will be known as "Bunker Elder".  That is what is printed on his name tag.  Pretty cool, huh! I love sending packages.  He is my parent's first grandchild to serve a mission.  Many more boys to follow!
Oct 4 2014 Conference Weekend

We love streaming General Conference through our Roku.  Love it.  So many wonderful talks.  We just got our conference Ensigns yesterday.  I need to get reading!
Oct 4 2014 Conference Weekend (2)

Lois and her family came to join us for the weekend. 
Oct 4 2014 Conference Weekend (3)

Saturday night while the guys were at the Priesthood session, Lois and I put the kids to bed.  We then watched the sequel to the Shunning (not the Shining)...The Confession. It was pretty funny how far different the movie was from the book.  They did get a couple of things right.  I have been reading lots of Beverly Lewis books ever since I looked one up per my friend Melissa's suggestion.  I've read at least 10 of her books so far.  I just finished The River last night.  Love her books! I have to wait to read them because I have a hard time putting them down. 

Anyway...back to conference.  When Jeff and Lee got home we had some yummy chocolate cake....oreo crust, ganache, chocolate cake, chocolate good.
Oct 4 2014 Conference Weekend (4)

On Saturday during the day Lee check Reed and Cal's eyes.  He dilated both their eyes.  They enjoyed getting a candy bar at Lee's office too.
Oct 4 2014 Conference Weekend (5)

Sunday morning the kids made a sign for Bunker Elder to put in his package.
Oct 5 2014 Conference Weekend

Oct 5 2014 Conference Weekend (2)

We had a nice weekend and enjoyed having Lois and her family here.  It was so great to listen to all the wonderful speakers too, especially our prophet.

In October I saw one of my young women at her cheer competition.  She want to be a Cougarette someday. Hope she can do it!
Oct 6 2014 Maddie Allen Cheer Competition

Getting Haley ready for school picture day!
Oct 7 2014 Picture Day

The one and only carrot to grow in our garden.  Lee planted several but only one grew, or survived.
Oct 8 2014 Carrot from garden

One night for young women we had a pumpkin activity---pumpkin crafts and a jack-o-lantern inspired dessert.
Oct 8 2014 YM pumpkin activity

Oct 8 2014 YW pumpkin activity

And a random picture.  You know, just some water spraying out of a fire hydrant about a block from my house.
Oct 9 2014 water

Really, I can't believe it's already November!  I am so excited for the holidays.  Come back soon for more updates!

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