Wednesday, May 21, 2014

While Mom's Away....

While I was in Utah Lee and the older boys seemed to have a great time.  On Friday when I was gone school was out so Clark and Cal headed to Lee's office at the Walmart .  He paid the boys to sort some contact lens trials.  Guess it was a big job, and Clark and Cal love doing jobs to earn money.
April 18 2014 (8)

April 18 2014 (7)

That night was the pinewood derby. Cal wanted an RV and Lee was able to help him create one.
April 18 2014 (5)

April 18 2014 (4)

April 17 2014

Clark's car tied for 1st place!  How fun!
April 18 2014 (10)

Cal's "car" weighed TOO much so Lee drilled out a lot of wood.
April 19 2014 (23)

That night Lee bought a can of sardines.  He had them a few times when he was a kid and enjoyed them.  Clark actually enjoyed them too.
April 16 2014

Cal thought they were disgusting.
April 16 2014 (2)

Some pretty blossoms on our apple tree!
April 19 2014 (22)

They also had fun going on bike rides and hikes.
April 19 2014 (24)

April 19 2014 (25)

I left 50 or so Easter eggs at home and Lee set them outside so the boys could have an egg hunt too the Saturday before Easter.
April 19 2014 (26)

They enjoyed some pretty sunsets too.
April 19 2014 (27)

Another hike.
April 21 2014 (3)

April 21 2014
The pretty tulips (thanks Brittany!) growing amongst the poison ivy.  Well, it sure looks like poison ivy.  I pulled it all out today.  Hopefully I don't get a rash.  I wore gloves, and washed my arms afterwards.  We'll see if that was sufficient or not.
May 1 2014

And a random photo I found on Lee's phone.  Elden circa 2013, in the late summer.
Aug 18 2013 Elden

Again, everything seemed to go well with Lee and the boys while I was gone.  Which I wouldn't have expected otherwise.  Lee enjoyed the time with just the older boys too. Glad we're back together again!

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