Sunday, May 4, 2014

The 11 Kids and I

The Monday right after General Conference I drove up to Maryland to meet up at Lois' place.  My brother Darrell lives in Pennsylvania and met me at Lois' so I could take his six kids to my house for a week.  Darrell and his wife Stacie went to a conference in Miami. 

I have always wanted to take a picture of this road sign (and others around here). That Monday I finally pulled over and took one. 
April 7 2014

In a round-about way, Darrell bought our family the movie Frozen.  We actually watched it on the way home from getting Darrell's kids.  When my kids were at school the next day one of the kids wrapped it and hid it for my kids to find.
April 6 2014 (13)

We all enjoyed Frozen, and it's fun we have a copy.   Thanks Darrell and Stacie!
April 8 2014

That week we went to the park twice.  Once it was during the day with Darrell's kids and Elden.
April 9 2014 (2)

One night we had a girls' night, while the boys had a boys' night.  We made sugar cookie bars, painted nails and watched a girl movie.  The girls all dressed up on their own, it was cute. 
April 10 2014 (2)

April 10 2014 (8)

April 10 2014 (9)

April 10 2014 (11)

Well, Kylie didn't dress up, but that's okay. Pjs work great.  It was so late when we started the girls' night!
April 10 2014 (12)

Friday we went to the park again with all the kids.  We waited till school was done.  I wore skinny jeans for the first time, the whole day. I've tried them on before, but have never worn them for more than 5 minutes.  Lois lent me a pair to wear and I finally broke them out.  I am still not convinced that I like them on me.  They were comfy jeans though!
April 11 2014 (2)

Friday during the day I made a cake as a favor for someone who works for Lee.  It was her daughter's birthday.  She offered to pay for it, but I told her no.  That would put too much pressure on me if she paid for it!  Next time someone asks me to make them a cake I have decided to say no.  I wouldn't mind one bit showing them how to make homemade fondant and such.  That way they could make it themselves, and for subsequent times after that too. It's pretty easy, just takes A LOT of time.  I really am not a super creative/crafty person.  I have made these cakes for so long that I am starting to get okay at them.  Anyone want a class?  I'll do one!  Like I've said before, we don't buy our kids a whole lot for their birthdays, so the cake is one way to make it memorable and fun....I hope!
April 11 2014 (9)

April 11 2014 (7)

April 11 2014 (4)

April 11 2014 (13)

Looks like his teeth aren't attached properly to his upper gums!
April 11 2014 (16)

The girls had fun with the fondant while I was decorating the cake.
April 11 2014 (20)

April 11 2014 (21)

I loved Jessie's mini creations.
April 11 2014 (26)

April 11 2014 (28)

April 11 2014 (29)

Lee worked on Saturday and as soon as he got home I took off with Darrell's kids.  I drove them home to Pennsylvania.  I took a wrong road in Philadelphia (I should have trusted my instinct instead of the GPS!) and it took me an hour longer to get there.  Which actually didn't matter.  About an hour from Darrell's house I remembered that I forgot their house key.  I pulled in about midnight and we slept in the van till they got home--a little after 2am. (Right before 2am Kylie woke up and had to go to the bathroom.  I didn't know where to take her so I grabbed her potty chair and stuck it on the grass.  She did not want to go, but I bribed her with some fruit snacks and she went..thankfully!) Once Darrell and Stacie arrived and we unloaded my van, I fell back asleep around 3am, and left right before 7am to go home.  I made great time on the way home.  It took me 5 hours. I took a quick shower and we all went to church.  We had a fun time with the cousins here, and I think Darrell's kids enjoyed being here too.  Another trip arriving safely home.  I am always grateful about that!


Andrew Bosley said...

Ruth, I love your updates!!!! Keep 'em coming :)

Jenny Whiting said...

I'm impressed that you watched six extra kids for a week! Wow, you're a great sister!! Looks like everyone had lots of fun. I wish my kids got to play with their cousins like that. And your cake turned out great! :)