Saturday, May 24, 2014

DC Trip

After arriving home Thursday night from our Utah trip, that Saturday morning we were off and running again.  My sister and I swapped babysitting for the temple.  Lee and I attended our friend's sealing and wedding at the DC temple.  I love going to sealings! 
April 26 2014 (3)

We go to DC/Maryland every month.  But we never see things in Washington, D.C.  We go to the temple, visit with Lois, maybe visit a playground here and there and that's it.  Lee and I want to start seeing more places in DC and we just have to do it.  For our first DC excursion with the whole family (Lee, Clark, Cal and I did lots of stuff in DC years ago) was the zoo.  We drove around for about 10 minutes looking a free place to park on one of the side streets near the zoo.  After we found one we walked over.
April 26 2014 (2)

We weren't there very long, but with the zoo being free I know we'll go again.  Across the street from the zoo entrance is a 7-11.  The kids were dragging their feet on the way out of the zoo, but after we all got slurpees they were very happy and content to walk the 1/2 mile or so back to the van.
April 26 2014 (5)

We drove from the zoo to the wedding reception for our friend.  The gym/cultural hall in the church looked amazing with their decorations.  All of the food was under the tent.
April 26 2014 (7)

April 26 2014 (8)

These pictures are from my cell phone as I forgot my camera and this one is especially blurry. I thought it was really fun that there was a dance area.  There wasn't a traditional "line" to say hi to the bride and groom either, which I also thought was a great idea!  The bride and groom mingled and said hello to people.  It was a fun party.
April 26 2014 (9)

April 26 2014 (12)

And on to some other random pictures.  Clark was in charge of our weekly family home evening lesson a few weeks ago and drew a picture of Goliath,then taped it to the wall.  We did a similar lesson back in Tennessee with the Smith family and Clark still remembers it.  He told the story of David and Goliath.  Clark gathered up socks for the kids to throw at him.
April 28 2014 Clark FHE

They thought it was pretty fun.
April 28 2014 Clark FHE Goliath

For the last random item: Lee's fan has been dying on his work laptop for awhile. I think it eventually stopped working.  He called HP and they said it would be $50 for them to open it up and $100 to diagnose the problem...even though Lee already knew what the problem was.  In the end they told him he should just buy a new laptop.  Well, Lee bought a fan ($6) and with the help of youtube videos, took apart his computer.
April 29 2014 (2)

And of course the fan was buried deep down.
April 29 2014 (3)

April 29 2014 (4)

He replaced the fan and put it all back together.  The moment of turned on!  It's been working great for him ever since.  Yay for youtube and self-determination!
April 29 2014 (5)

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