Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Volunteer of the Year

I was flattered with the honor of receiving the volunteer of the year award at my kids' elementary school. The school board meeting was on Monday-the next day after returning back from Pennsylvania.  I wasn't sure what to do about family home evening. I decided it would be good to go, and after my part was done at the school board meeting, we went home and had family home evening. 

Mr. Dansey--who is at the podium in the picture below--said some very nice things about me.  Which is kind of weird! I definitely feel like other people deserved the award more.  I only go to the school once a week to make copies.  I don't do hardly anything with the school kids.  I do make a lot of copies for several teachers, that is true. Sometimes I've gone through 6 or more reams of paper in one copy session! I am also the PTA treasurer, which has gone well thus far.  Anyway, I just need to be a gracious recipient (which I did try and do).  In the second ward we attended as a newly married couple, one of my friends there showed a great example again and again.  I noticed that whenever people complimented her, she simply and genuinely said, thank you.  She didn't say, "Oh this old sweater?"  Or "I'm really not great at doing that."  She was very gracious at accepting the compliments, and didn't try and talk down about herself.  It was a nice honor to receive volunteer of the year award, for sure.  I love my kids' school and am glad I can help out there!

April 14 2014 (6)

My picture even made it in the local newspaper! I got a coupon too to Kline's Ice Cream .
April 14 2014 (12)

For a family home evening game that night we had a race eating these chocolate bunnies.  I bought them last year, as in 2013, after Easter for $0.10 each.  I was saving them in the freezer to hand out this year at an egg hunt.  Since I was going to be gone the Saturday before Easter I decided to go ahead and use them.  They weren't that great, obviously.  Not because the chocolate went bad, but because the chocolate was never that good in the first place. For being in the freezer for a year, they held up really well though!
April 14 2014 (22) 

April 14 2014 (15)

April 14 2014 (16)

April 14 2014 (18)

April 14 2014 (19)

April 14 2014 (20)

April 14 2014 (21)

April 14 2014 (24)

I think Cal won with Haley coming in at a close second. It was kind of funny because afterwards Lee commented on how gross the chocolate was.  Thanks for being a great sport Lee and participating in the game! I have a little thing for eating contests, ha ha.  I wish our ward would have another pie eating contest.  I did enjoy winning the one we had a couple of years ago.....


brooks said...

How do you even get volunteer of the year?!?!?! I barely make it to eat LUNCH with each kid twice a year!!!!!!!!! You're amazing. Seriously, I do NOT volunteer like I should.......or at all. Whoops

andyandsteph said...

That's awesome that you guys did a chocolate bunny eating contest! So fun! Congratulations on the award, that is really cool! How long has Lee had a beard? It looks good!