Thursday, February 13, 2014


We finally received a "decent" snow fall this winter.  Apparently it's being dubbed "Snowchi". We've had snow here and there this winter but I don't think it's completely covered the grass out here in our town. And if it did snow, it melted pretty quick.  In January my kids had a total of five whole school days the entire month!  There have been a lot of delays and closings ever since Christmas break.  February hasn't been an exception either.  I still don't think we've had one full week of school with full school days, yet this year! 

Since the beginning of the week there was a winter storm warning for Wednesday night with about 12" or so of snow predicted.  Well, they were right!  Last night church activities were canceled and snow started coming down pretty much right when they said the snow would start, about 6pm.

Oh, and as a side note, here is the awesome antenna our friend Steve made for us.  We've had it for over a year but it didn't work on our old TV.  I was telling Lee that I was sad about not being able to watch the Olympics and that next time the Olympics come around I want to get cable just for a month.  Lee mentioned that he wanted to try the antenna we had.  It totally works!  It's been so fun watching the Olympics.  Sometimes the picture gets blurry, but it always straightens out.  
Feb 11 2014

It started snowing last night, of course.  All of the kids had a fun time playing in the snow at night.  It's kind of magical in a way...sort of like night swimming.  I think it's so fun to go swimming at night.
Feb 12 2014 Big Snow of the winter

Yes, they were riding on the street.  I made them ride on the sidewalk and then I think I just told them to put their bikes away.
Feb 12 2014 Big Snow of the winter (2)

See how much snow we had at about 7:30?
Feb 12 2014 Big Snow of the winter (3)

And here we are the next morning!  It's so fun waking up to a thick blanket of snow! Our kind neighbor came down the street with the snow blower and blowed out a path for us and around our Honda.  Which apparently last night when Elden went to the van to get his coat he turned a light on inside.  It was on all night and now our van is dead.  Yeah, not much chance of jumping the van anytime soon, unless we dig it out. Blah.  Oh well, I don't have to go anywhere.
Feb 13 2014 Big Snow of winter

There is our new swing set!  Lee is almost done with it.  There are a couple more things he needs to attach to it.  We were going to get a lot bigger one, but that didn't happen. I talked about that in a previous post if you want to find out the rest of the story.  I shoveled off the trampoline today.  It snowed about 15 inches and the trampoline was sagging a lot.  I like shoveling and figured the weight of the snow wouldn't be good for it anyway.  I also shoveled our back porch and front porch and redid the walkways.  Lee took Clark and Cal and went to his office.  No one came in, but a few people called.  Clark and Cal did some shoveling for Lee and earned some money. 
Feb 13 2014 Big Snow of winter (2)

This afternoon we went sledding.  Shanna's neighbor friend came too. Even though the sledding hill is about six blocks away I didn't want to walk.
Feb 13 2014 Big Snow of winter (3)

Hardly any people had been sledding so we had fun making new sledding paths.  I got snow in my face several times.  Lee found some work boots he purchased for helping with the Hurricane Katrina clean-up when we lived in Memphis. I wore them and my feet stayed so toasty!  I loved it!  They of course were a little big and heavy, but kept my feet nice and dry. This is actually my regular cold-weather running outfit, minus the scarf.  I need to get another pair of running pants! These are actually my track pants from high school.  The lining is falling apart inside, but they are comfortable to wear running.  Though they don't keep my legs warms at all. 
Feb 13 2014 Big Snow of winter (4)

Here they are trying to make a jump.  It didn't work out too well, ha ha.  It did work a little bit though. We have great hills here to go sledding on!
Feb 13 2014 Big Snow of winter (5)

Feb 13 2014 Big Snow of winter (6)

Feb 13 2014 Big Snow of winter (7)

Our van was stuck by the sledding hill.  We didn't want to park on the road, so Lee drove off to the side where someone else had been earlier.  The snow under the van was too high and even though the wheels were dug out, we were stuck on top of the snow.  After trying to get out for about five minutes, some people stopped and helped push us out.  I love that people are kind! Poor Shanna and Elden kept crying too because they were so cold.  I should have been more sympathetic...
Feb 13 2014 Big Snow of winter (8)

We enjoyed some hot chocolate when we got back, and some kids took a warm bath.  Lee and the older boys went to our friends house to shovel them out a little, and Lee helped our neighbor across the street dig out his car.  School is canceled tomorrow too.  Apparently it's supposed to snow another foot tonight!  Crazy!  I am looking forward to another snow day.  Thankfully our washer is washing, our dryer is drying, and our electricity is on!  Those things make snow days fun.  Plus I have a stock of chocolate chips.  What's not to love?!  Well, it would be more fun if Lois could have made it down here before the big snow!  After it all melts I'll be okay to do without snow till next winter though.  I am looking forward to the summer heat!


Lois said...

I really wish we could've made it down too! Looks like you had a fun snow day!

Emilee said...

I love seeing other people's pictures of snow days since I don't have a chance of actually having to deal with snow. I love the pictures of snow at night--it looks like stars.

Smith Clan said...

What a fun sledding hill!!