Monday, February 3, 2014

It's Official!

Well, our family is now a two-wheeled family!  We are getting older and a little more grown up. No more high chairs, potty-training, or bike training wheels.  Yep, Elden surprised all of us by riding his bike without training wheels on Saturday! Elden has asked Lee to take his training wheels off of his bike a few times already...three or four at least. On Saturday he asked Lee again to take off his training wheels.  Lee almost didn't take them off for him, but Lee went ahead and did it.  Elden then left.  Lee was busy assembling a small play set for the kids.  Next thing we know Cal called out, "Mom and Dad, look!  Elden's riding his bike!"  We couldn't believe it. In the past Lee has helped him maybe about a half hour total with riding his bike without training wheels. Elden is really good on his scooter and I think that has helped a lot with balance and stuff. 
Feb 1 2014 Elden

Feb 1 2014 Elden (2)

Go Elden!
Feb 1 2014 Elden (3)

In other random stuff....  We bought a playset last year, the first part of December.  We actually had bought two others but they were damaged in shipping so our money was refunded.  We decided to try one more time buying a play set online.  And it actually came! We never did put it together with the craziness of December.  Last week it was finally nice enough, without snow on the ground too, to put it together.
Feb 1 2014 Haley

Lee almost finished it.  There is a little left to do but the kids can play on it so that is fun.  They've been enjoying it. 
Feb 1 2014 Haley (2)

We spent a lot of time outside on Saturday which was nice.  The boys built a bike ramp and LOVED it.  Cal had a few accidents, but kept getting up and trying again.  Haley joined in using a different ramp.
Feb 1 2014

I tried to get a picture of them airborne, but I need to work on my photography skills.  And I didn't try very long.
Feb 1 2014 cal

My boys are really excited about the new Lego movie coming out in a couple of days.  Barnes and Noble had a little Lego thing for the kids centered around the new movie.  Really it wasn't very exciting.  My kids liked it okay.  They basically did a word scramble, a word find, figured out a coded message and then got the words to the movie's theme song.  At the end they did get a fun movie poster.  For how fun the advertising made this activity sound, I was disappointed.
Jan 25 2014 B&N

We also went to the library that same day.
Jan 25 2014 Library

Later that same day after Lee was done with work (he worked that Saturday since they other dr. couldn't) we drove up to go to the temple.  We stopped at Lois' place and saw Darrell and Stacie for a little bit.  I also started some laundry. Our washer and its pipes froze that weekend so I brought all my laundry up to Lois'.  I got everything washed and even a couple loads dried. We left at midnight and got home around 2:30.  Our washer finally thawed out.  Lee brought a heater from work and had it running all day Sunday.  It started working again which was great.
Jan 29 2014

It was especially great since on Tuesday Lee, Haley and I caught a 24-hour stomach bug that had been going around our family.  Haley threw up in just the right spot and got a bunch of blankets and bedding dirty...her's, Shanna's and Elden's.  Even though I was sick too I did a bunch of laundry that day.  And good thing I did because the washer froze up again that very night.  We are all better now, thankfully.  I am so grateful for good health. This winter we've had great health which has been wonderful. The last holiday/winter we were sick a lot.
Jan 28 2014 Haley

Here is a fun picture of Elden with his "glasses".  Elden was with Lee at his office one morning.  Elden really wanted some glasses and Lee let him have these.  Lee figured that these wouldn't sale so he let Elden have them, ha ha.  Elden got a Scooby Doo case to boot.
Jan 31 2014

And yet another one of him.  Shanna painted his face one day.  So funny.  Elden asked: "Do I look freaky?"  Ha ha. 
Jan 2014 Elden

Shanna had her friend Brooke and her sister decorate her face.  It was very unique!
Feb 1 2014 (2)

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