Sunday, February 2, 2014


Lee and I have been trying to be better about having dates. Lately they've mostly been at home, which I still love.  We tend to surprise each other about our dates and not say what we're planning.  This week it's my turn to plan and execute the date...I need to think of something!  Next week we are going to a play-Oklahoma-and out to eat for Valentine's Day.  I am looking forward to that one!  I have a gift card that a teacher gave me for helping out with copies (so nice of her!) and we are going to use that for dinner.  One of the young women at church is the lead for Oklahoma, so it will be exciting to see her perform.

Here are a few pictures from our past two dates.

I made a flourless chocolate cake.  I overbaked it, but it still tasted good.  The presentation wasn't that great since I overbaked it and had to scrape it out of the pan. I made a chocolate ganache for the topping. I also melted some white chocolate and pipped it onto some freezer paper to let it cool.  I wanted the chocolate to stand straight up as a decoration.  It worked on this one.
Jan 24 2014

I had a hard time with the phrase I wrote for Lee.  It kept breaking.  And then the ganache was still warm so the white chocolate wouldn't stand up.
Jan 24 2014 (2)

The other heart eventually fell over too. That night we watched the movie "Mitt" about Mitt Romney. It was really good and we enjoyed it.  Too bad he isn't the president right now..... My brother was kind and let us use his netflix account that night to watch the movie.
Jan 24 2014 (3)

Last week for our date Lee bought peanut M&Ms and we played mancala with them.  Right before we had our date he asked where our disinfectant stuff was. He cleaned out the game board beforehand, ha ha.  It was something fun and different.  I asked him how he even thought of the idea, and he just thought of it.  I don't think I would have ever thought to replace game pieces with candy!
Jan 31 2014 (3)

Happy dating!

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