Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Art Night

Every year our school has an art night.  There are a bunch of crafts for the kids to do, pottery making, face painting, caricatures and free dinner!

Right before art night started there was a short PTA meeting.  I am the treasurer so I read my treasurer's report.  Thanks to a great community our PTA is able to raise a good amount of money each year.  I was able to say the prayer too at the PTA meeting, which was great. It was fun too because one of my friends said she liked to hear me pray.  I said just one prayer before at a small PTA meeting over a year ago.  I guess she remembered it?! 

Shanna and her neighbor friend, and Haley.  Shanna wanted her and her friend to dress alike so the friend wore Haley's shirt that night.
Feb 6 2013 Art Night

Shanna is quite the social bug!
Feb 6 2013 Art Night (2)

Shanna won 2nd place in the first grade for a school art contest.  She told me what she drew but I can't remember.  It was fun for her to win a prize!
Feb 6 2013 Art Night (3)

Here is Cal getting his caricature done.  I had all of my kids get them done this year.
Feb 6 2013 Art Night (4)

Clay pots activity.
Feb 6 2013 Art Night (5)

Feb 6 2013 Art Night (6)

Feb 6 2013 Art Night (7)

Feb 6 2013 Art Night (8)

Feb 6 2013 Art Night (9)

Feb 6 2013 Art Night (10)

We had a fun art night.  For dinner they served hot dogs, chips, cookies, water and tea.  We don't drink tea or coffee so of course just had the water.  I don't eat hot dogs so I put my chips in a hotdog bun and ate it that way, ha ha. I stayed and helped clean up a little.  I love my kids' school!  I love how they have prayers at PTA meetings. I love how the principal helps with all sorts of things, like cleaning up after art night with the janitors and haul in a load of copy paper--about 110 boxes of paper (I was making copies when the paper was delivered).  I love that the teachers want parents involved and to come to the school.  It's great.

Oh, so funny story.  Well, I thought it was. The school has to do two lock down drills per school year.  There was one recently at the elementary school.  Clark was asking me about if the school really had to be locked down.  And they we started talking about how kids are trapped in the school with a crazy guy with a gun for days.  I told him that that wouldn't happen here.  I mean, I guess a crazy gun guy could get in the could and trap the kids, but he wouldn't last more than an hour.  I told Clark to think about our neighbor who is in to hunting and stuff like that.  Would he let some crazy guy hold his kids hostage at school?  No way.  There would be so many dads around here that would swarm the school with their guns and break in themselves and hunt the guy down.  It kind of made me laugh thinking about it because it's sooo true!  Someone would be CRAZY to even attempt to do some sort of hostage thing here in my town, especially at the school.  I told Clark he wouldn't have to worry about that sort of thing---or it lasting for a long time!

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